Dead Honey Bees

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Dead Honey Bees

Postby Caree » Jun 24th, 2018, 11:00 am ... honeybees/
--This might be a post for Vernon/North Okanagan, or perhaps the topic is already there? (I didn't see a post (yet) )...but I have been quite concerned here in the neighbourhood I live in, I have not seen any honeybees in my flowers (I have Bee Balm and Blanket Flowers included in the selection which they do like other years!) and the 3 bees my husband and I have seen, 2 were dead, and one was very ill making slow progress on foot at the edge of our driveway near the lawn..I don't imagine that bee made it either. It does seem something might be poisoning bees as per above Global News article from Vernon. Perhaps the Bees have been trying to pollinate plants/flowers that have been hit by the flying perhaps poo stuff from the sky. The person in the car that was hit from the stuff through her sunroof May 9 (Castanet News article below) was told the irritation in her eye was from the type of disinfectant used in Airplane holding tanks. ... s-from-sky
I would not put that disinfectant in any shape form or small amount in any of my pets' food or water, or mine!! I don't doubt if the bees had come upon flowers hit by that stuff it may have not done them any good.
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