Joe Gates - Council Candidate

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Joe Gates - Council Candidate

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This thread is for Joe Gates, council candidate.

Re: Joe Gates - Council Candidate

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Question: Would you continue with the city‘s planned appeal of the Simpson covenant ruling?

Joe Gates: I don‘t know that I have enough information on the Simpson covenant to say for sure.

Borrowing from the US election, hey Joe, how about being ready on day 1?
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Re: Joe Gates - Council Candidate

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Wrong answer Joe. Covenants are promises and promises are made to be kept. Sounds a little ridiculous have to say this as we all know polititians never keep their promises. That covenant was a promise made many years ago and should have never ever been challenged. The nerve of out council to do this should be rememberd on November 15th. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY INCUMBENTS INCLUDING SHARON SHEPHERD. Make them all see how displeased we are with this fiasco. If Joe is not up to speed on this issue it shows that he is not informed at all about this city. I will not be voting for this character. For this one reason alone. :sillygrin: :runforlife:
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Re: Joe Gates - Council Candidate

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Leroi: You lost all credibility when you said in another post that you would vote for Angela Reid because "she's hot"

I respect a councilor elect like Joe who does not hastily give answers without having all the facts.
He may have a basic idea of what the covenant entails, but is perhaps awaiting more details that the public is not privy too?
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Re: Joe Gates - Council Candidate

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Please list 5 of your top priorities, and how you would deal with each issue if it were completely up to you.
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Re: Joe Gates - Council Candidate

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Joe Gates has my vote! When I have questioned each of the candidates I look for an educated response, with experience and a long term vision for Kelowna’s future. Joe Gates left me astounded with his insight and global knowledge. We need some younger blood on the council with fresh ideas and the will power to make positive changes, not just for this generation but the generations to come. Joe Gates has what it takes! VOTE JOE GATES!!

Keep up the good work Joe. You got it!

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Re: Joe Gates - Council Candidate

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joe is a shoe in... hell I know more people that voted for him and only him due to the lack of competence of the rest of people!! Joe will one day be the mayor of this city and kelowna cant' wait.. All the best Joe...

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