Matthew Reed - Council Candidate

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Matthew Reed - Council Candidate

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This thread is for Matthew Reed, council candidate.
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Re: Matthew Reed - Council Candidate

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LOL! I just noticed that he's running for council, man I'm slow. Great guy, super intelligent.

I can say he's a true local, good hearted, and as far as bringing fun back to the city, he has the know how to do it, or catch others doing it wrong.

Good Luck Matt!
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Re: Matthew Reed - Council Candidate

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Please list 5 of your top priorities, and how you would deal with each issue if it were completely up to you.
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Re: Matthew Reed - Council Candidate

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Matt has the knowledge, skills, passion and determination to really move kelowna forward. I've just heard he is running for council and I wish was still in the area to vote, take a look here folks!
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Re: Matthew Reed - Council Candidate

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I've known Matt for over 10 years.......if i weren't teaching in China at the moment, i would cast my ballot in his favor, and i would whole-heartedly recommend him as a candidate, as he is young blood and represents my age group and generation with sincerely progressive ideas, which is what Kelowna so seriously needs
Matthew Reed
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Re: Angela Reid - Council Candidate

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If you plan on voting for Hodge, Reid, Lanoue, Forbes, Gates, Craig or Forsstrom I encourage you to vote for Matthew Reed as well. We are like minded individuals and we need a majority on council.

I have proven to be one top 3 candidates in Economics. The road ahead will be bit rough and Kelowna needs a strong fiscal approach to make it through the next 3 years. We are in the most volatile economic climate since 1944.

I am a teacher and will bring accountability to council.

I have been involved in the arts for 12 years. I will bring fun back to Kelowna.

I have many ideas for joint public/private initiatives to help with low income and affordable housing.

Transportation is a problem, but endless roads are not the solution. We need to look towards a LRT and elevated overpasses.

I understand sustainability from an economic angle. We can create jobs from the coming shift.

Vote Mathew REED for families. Vote Matthew REED a sustainable economy. Vote Matthew REED for you children's future.

Matthew Reed_Leading the Way"

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