Murli Pendharkar - Council Candidate

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Murli Pendharkar - Council Candidate

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This thread is for Murli Pendharkar, council candidate.
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Re: Murli Pendharkar - Council Candidate

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Re: Murli Pendharkar - Council Candidate

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Please list 5 of your top priorities, and how you would deal with each issue if it were completely up to you.
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Re: Murli Pendharkar - Council Candidate

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I did that online candidate matcher thing here on castanet
And I found Murli Pendharkar matching very high on my list.
Probably because I was unable to find a website or a campaign platform link.
Now to be honest, before taking this little online survey thing I'd never really considered this candidate in my list of choices but I'm going to read up a little more. Could be I missed something
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Re: Murli Pendharkar - Council Candidate

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Its a little late given that the election is tomorrow. But to anyone reading this Murli is a fantastic and upstanding Kelowna citizen. He is very outgoing and has the community at heart. Please consider him as one of your candidates. I believe that you will be happy you did. I am a Westbank resident with a Kelowna based business and I wish we had someone like Murli on our side of the lake representing me.


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