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justice4U wrote:FunkyBunch, you seem to be missing the point. Nobody is forcing people who can't afford to live in Kelowna to live in Kelowna. So nobody is "out in the cold" who hasn't made a decision to be out in the cold.

And you'd better believe that I wouldn't let a selfish and greedy neighbour compromise the biggest investment my family will ever make (our home). If a neighbour has "too big" a house, then why wouldn't that neighbour simply sell rather than destroy the single family neighbourhood (along with home values) for everyone else? After all, a single family neighbourhood with secondary suites scattered about isn't really a single family neighbourhood at all anymore, is it? Do you think maybe it's because their motives ($$$$$) aren't quite as noble as you suggest?

As for handouts, you've referenced a few already. There are countless others. For example, who do you think pays for the 'affordable housing' conditions city council is imposing on builders. If you think the builders are paying this out of their pockets, you're kidding yourself. It is simply passed on to the legitimate purchasers. That's yet another handout any way you slice it.

Excellent post, almost something I would have said!
Basement suites and Illegal suites are the demise of Kelowna.
An all out ban on anymore re-zoning for secondary suites should be in effect!
We do not need "Single Family Dwelling" neighborhoods turned into rentals just because!
We need nice quiet single family neighborhoods to enjoy peace and quiet in, not an over abundance of traffic, vehicles parked all over the streets, and the worst, young partiers living amongst nice Citizens!

Ban secondary suites, shut down all Illegal suites and you'll get my vote!
Most of Rutland has been destroyed due to suites!
Traffic all night long from those living in Illegal and secondary suites!
You think we need this?

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