City Won't Appeal Covenant.

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City Won't Appeal Covenant.

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So maybe they do listen to the comments here.
Now, the main issue is how quickly can they all backpeddle?
And are they too late to regain the trust and votes that they have lost over this issue?

We'll soon find out!

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Re: City Won't Appeal Covenant.

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land covenant

i've got it. you have it. we want it. we got it. they want it. we don't want it. who's got it?. they have it. when do we get it? do we need it? we'll sell it . you want it? you can't have it. we can't sell it. we don't own it? lets vote on it. who voted for it? did we vote on it? we can't talk about it. courts rule on it. they lose it. they pass on it. what started it?

just trying to keep track of the situation.

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