Kelowna City Council

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Kelowna City Council

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So being as close to election time as it is I have to wonder if council should be allowed to make big decisions. This goes for any city council and it's Mayor. I think that they can easily vote for something just in spite as they know they won't be re-elected. The downtown redevelopment thing is what comes to my mind. Maybe only small decisions should be allowed. Like how to decrease the paycheck of our Mayor.

Am I just crazy or does anyone else agree with me on this one. It would be nice to have a BoB76 follower at some point!!
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Re: Kelowna City Council

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Everything that was said and decided at last night's Council Meeting was geared towards their own agenda of getting re-elected.

The downtown development issue should have been left alone. Only reason it came up was the Mayor is trying to look like a leader and failed.

As for the Simpson matter - once again they were all trying to cover their azzes. Not one of them should be even considered for voting for.
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Re: Kelowna City Council

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It is interesting that the downtown Comprehensive Development plan will not be back at Council for final approval until AFTER the election.

If history holds true, and all incumbents are re-elected, then the No's (Hobson, Rule, and Shepherd) are ahead of the Yes's (Given, Blanleil) by a score of 3-2

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