Bryden Winsby - Council Candidate

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Re: Bryden Winsby - Council Candidate

Post by Urbane »

Bryden, you have my vote and that of my wife, as you did for mayor last time, and we hope that you are elected to council. By the way, the choice of a name for our community is not a litmus test for me, and I'm glad that you voiced your support for your choice (West Kelowna). While that is not my first choice I would accept it wholeheartedly if that's the choice of the electorate. The important thing is that Westbank and West Kelowna are on the ballot and the people will decide. Anyway, my wife and I wish you the best and hope that you are elected next Saturday.
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Re: Bryden Winsby - Council Candidate

Post by waterskirick »

I've sent this to all candidates. A yes or no answer will do.

I'd like to vote for someone with a little spine. Our mayor has stated (unlike all other cadidates) that she will only support a new name that has shown more than 50% support from the whole community. A new name will not help unify us if it only has 30% or 35% support. We need a majority, and if we don't get that, then some kind of run off until we do.

So far I have only one candidate to vote for, Neis for councillor. I'll vote for others only if they show leadership and commit to a 50 + 1% requirement for a new name. Will you commit to this?
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Re: Bryden Winsby - Council Candidate

Post by p2malone »

Hello, I am undecided about which candidates to vote for in the upcoming election, so I am sending out a question for all. We have lived here just a short time (8 months) and my family and I are horrified with the amount of crime and drugs that Kelowna /Westside has. Both places are getting a very bad reputation for high criminal activity and I strongly believe that something needs to be done about it. The name of the Westside does not have very much importance when the world is referring to it as Crack Alley, Drug City, Meth. Meadows, etc...... These are just a few names that I have heard in other provinces, when referring to Kelowna and the Westside. My question.......if you are voted in will you support a increase in policing? Thank you in advance.
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Re: Bryden Winsby - Council Candidate

Post by hereiamagain »

how do you feel about community projects, ie "barn raising" (thanks Jim) to create much needed municipal buildings, and community service by those who sin against the community...? would you support something like that?

the managers that we have in the municipality office are (potentially) up for a 16/22% raise. Since $$ is so tight in the municipality, why are we looking at raises now (as they were just hired) and would you support these raises? What in your opinion would pose an acceptable situation for the raises?
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Re: Bryden Winsby - Council Candidate

Post by canadman »

Bryden, best of luck tonight... I'm hoping to see your name in the top six! I know you can do it! All the best.
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Re: Bryden Winsby - Council Candidate

Post by Bestside »

Congratulations Councilor Winsby on your election to council.

You are very much needed!
Good Job!
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Re: Bryden Winsby - Council Candidate

Post by brightstar »

I voted for you and would like to congratulate you on being elected to council. I believe we can trust that you will perform honestly, fairly and transparently. Thank you! Best of luck!

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