Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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“Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.”
― Albert Einstein
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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Elva, thanks for running and I hope your are elected to council. You certainly have my support and that of my wife.
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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Thankyou urbane
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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The case for Westbank:
Westbank was an unincorporated town like many others across Canada.
Royal B.C. museum archives: Westbank’s first white birth 1894.
Marriage, birth, & death certificates list Westbank as place in area from old docks thru to Peachland.
1902 first Westbank post office started at Shannon Lake.
1908 Post office moved to new down town site.
Native land claims show Westbank from Old ferry docks to Peachland.
Ferry was Kelowna- Westbank ferry.
Those ferries did not float across grass from lake to downtown; it was Westbank from where they hit the docks.
Early Lakeview irrigation district pictures & papers are Westbank B.C.
Local books tell Westbank history & area covered.
1927 Westbank community hall was build by volunteer material & labor.
1939 Westbank & District Chamber of Commerce formed, called Westbank Board of Trade.
1963 Westbank First Nation separated from Okanagan Indian band, & choose the name because of where they lived on the west bank of Okanagan Lake and to be in harmony with the area in which they lived.
We also have Westbank Lions & Rotary, all this helped the community to prosper and grow under one name.
What started the confusion?
Central Okanagan regional district was set up.
We were split into two electoral districts area G & area H to handle our growing population.
1969-1970 post office changed part of Westbank area to Kelowna mailing address so they could get door-to-door delivery. That did not change the land from Westbank into Kelowna; [as show by where you vote and pay your taxes] people still felt they were part of Westbank.
High school students went to George Pringle & were Westbank kids.
Over the years many people have fallen in love with our area and moved here. Most did not know our history.
Even though the post office said it was only a mailing address you identify with the name on your address.
What added to the confusion?
Westbank always had it’s own section in the phone book, one year it was removed, Westbank was gone, it’s numbers mingled with Kelowna.
As we have grown local’s didn’t go about bragging about Westbank’s past.
People lost touch with area roots and were uniformed.
Over time these things ultimately lead to a name debacle.

2007 we voted to incorporate.
The nickname Westside was put on our letters patient [our birth certificate]
2008 finally we were told we could have input into the name we want.
Everyone has the right to choose a name for his or her own reasons.
Some wanted our historic name.
Why Westbank?
History. To Respect & honor our pioneers.
Westbank B.C. Heart of the Okanagan has been in use for years on tourist brochures etc. pioneers even knew how to market.
Continuity, one name through our area would continue the harmony.
We did not amalgamate, to now take Kelowna as part of our name is like saying I won’t marry you but I will take your name. Not logical.
We need our own identity; our past is a strong foundation to build on.
To deny the truth doesn’t change the truth.
We are Westbank and have been for over 100 years.
Our growth rate clearly shows the world has no trouble finding us.
There is no reason we can’t continue to move forward under the historic name of Westbank.

The verdict:
You decide. Nov.15, 2008

Elva Webber
[email protected]
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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Elva, I can not help but wonder what thoughts go through your mind and what emotions you feel as you drive into the town center along Main Street just past Gosset Rd and see that beautifully built “Welcome to Westbank” sign. If the car driver had been coming across the bridge or if he/she had been approaching from Wilson Landing along Westside Road then, according to you, when they first see that beautiful sign they would have already been traveling anywhere from 12 to 15 kms INSIDE the area of Westbank.

No other city or community that I know of has a “Welcome” sign placed that far within their boundary. Some people must have spent a lot of time and money to create a signage that, according to your view, must be completely misleading.
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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Ms. Webber, your signs on Westlake road are dangerously close to the road and blocking views for drivers...I would suggest you move them away from the side of the road as the other candidates have before an accident happens and your signs are to blame.
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Re: Various topics

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Wow Elva
You certanly have generated a very lively group of followers with interesting and diversified topics and opinions!!!!
I admire your spirit - perhaps you missed your calling and should be running for "Mayor"!!!

I thought I might jump in with a couple of "food for thought" items:
* Your breakdown of "WESTBANK's" history was very good.
* There appears to be alot of opinions why the community was named as Westside.
I am not sure if I ever did hear the reasoning the "Incorporation Study group" gave.
Could it really have been a "slip of the pen" when the signing of incorporation took place in
Victoria??? - bank to side??
* Whatever name wins I do have to agree that the "Welcome to ???" signs should be wherever the
boundaries begin.
Take care - Joyce
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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Dear Elva,

As election time is coming closer I have been looking at various sites to get a better idea of the candidates. I have seen alot of postings and interest on your Castanet string and have read all of it. I have to say I just don’t see what all the excitement is about.

It appears that you first entered the race for the main purpose of supporting the name Westbank for our permanent name. You have gone into great detail, some if it historically interesting, of the importance of the name in our history. You write well and seem to have a pleasant way about you. In the end however, I fail to see what you have to offer the council in terms of experience, leadership, or plans for our future. I don’t take fault with your career as a home health provider but I don’t see what skills this profession has provided you that will make you an effective councillor.

In your own words you have indicated that you don’t see the point of door knocking and speaking with your constituents..... “you can’t talk to everyone”. I wonder how you will know what the people of our community want or do you only intend to listen to the people you know in your home town, Westbank.

I have also not seen anything you have written in this forum that looks anything like a plan or a specific platform.

I am afraid I need more than just a kind hearted person to take on this important job.
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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Dear yeswecan

Hello a good and fair question.
I would use the modern ways of communication, land- line telephones, cell phone, e-mail, and in person the same way most people communicate. I don’t care for people I don’t know coming to my door and I am not really comfortable with doing that myself.
I didn’t mean I don’t see the need. No one is good at everything.
I had a friend tell me a strange man showed up at her daughter’s door the other day and no way would she answer it, so I am not the only one who feels that way.
Maybe other people could respond to that. It may also be a girl thing maybe men are more comfortable knocking on strange doors. I would find it interesting to hear what others think.
I have a couple of things that I need to work on. Some would think more than that. Lol
1. Mingling with groups of people I don’t know is hard for me, yes I know I have to get over that and believe I would do fine in a short while.
2. I am not great at self-promotion.

I will post this hand out and add on after it.

District of Westside Council


Elva is 53 and was born raised and educated in the Okanagan valley.
She moved to Westbank in 1963, from Peachland.
Elva married Al in 1971 they have one son, one daughter and three grandchildren who are the fifth generation to live in the valley in both Al and Elva’s family.
Elva is passionate about God, family and her community.
Elva worked for several years as a home care aid mainly with invalid and terminally ill patients.
Elva is currently semi retired working retail.
Elva spearheaded a group and lobbied council, the result being the two most popular names are on the Nov. ballot.

Our community needs:

To build a community that is affordable for all to live and work

¨ To build a strong and solid community for future generations.

¨ To have council work along side the RCMP and churches to get young people off our streets and encourage future leaders.

¨ To establish better relations with our neighbors Peachland, Kelowna, WFN, and all governments for the future of Westside and the Okanagan valley.

¨ A tight balanced budget without increased property taxes.

¨ A monitored growth for infrastructure for our community’s future such as a full health care facility.
We need to be strongly lobbing for a health care facility. KGH is already being overwhelmed if we don’t get something over on our side of the lake soon our future care will not be good.

I am not convinced that the downtown area is the best spot for a facility and think we should look at other options, I have not had the benefit of sitting on council so I don’t know what options have been looked at up to now. I have heard there might be land available near Brookhaven; I would like to follow up on that.

We should be lobbing for a second bridge crossing, one thing about growing up here I’ve seen just how long things take to get done, we need to address another bridge now and not wait.

We need a plan for the plans that come in. I’m not being cute here.
At one meeting it was put forward that staff look at ALL the plans in the works.
I would have asked staff now many it would be feasible to look at over one year?
I would like to see a way of rating as to the need, and length of time plan has been in the works etc.

One thing on my heart is young people I think council should be working alongside the RCMP and churches to provide programs to get kids off our streets and encourage future leaders. Churches already have the buildings and a lot of good people that could take some of this on and it would not add to our taxes.
I have ideas on how to get kids to connect actions such as theft and graffiti in the community and how it will affect them in the end.
Everyone kid that doesn’t steal or do drugs etc would be a good thing in so many ways.
It doe’s take a village [or in this case a valley] to raise a child.
Some people need more help than others, with many single parent homes it is more important than ever.
New ideas used with commonsense and a back to basics approach could go a long way to improving the community for us all.

Some of the same skills I learned as a caregiver are not much different that the ones needed to be a good council member.
I am a good communicator, I am open and honest, I believe in being accountable for what I do.
I look to the needs of others and I am a good listener.

As the population grows we need to insure infrastructure is not over whelmed.
The impact on policing, water, sewer, roads, etc. affect everyone.
Developments need to be looked at to determine what impact they would have on the environment, resources, and the people already living here.
We need to look at the benefits and downside to each project.
We need to make sure we do not lose too much green space or our home will not remain attractive for long.
Young families have different needs than seniors and their future needs also change that must all be taken into consideration as we grow.

Most important issue is for Westside to be guided thru this time of enormous growth and into the future in a way that will help us prosper but not hurt us.
My roots are here. I love the Okanagan valley and Westside, and want it continue to be a great and affordable place to live.
I would look at each issue, use research, commonsense and utilize specifically trained staff to have all necessary information needed to make a sound decision on what would work best for our area and it’s citizens.
We need to do our best now so the future will be good for those generations yet to come.
I will represent Westside with stability, logic, commonsense, honesty, openness, and accountability.

I hope that answers your question.

Elva Webber
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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Hi Joyce:
Sandy was down yesterday so hi from her.
Glad you are enjoying the forum..
all the best Elva.
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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Dear yeswecan
To add to something you asked.
I want to know the needs and wants of the whole community.
Council members are not mind readers, I believe the people need to come to the council if possible and let their needs or wishes be known.
Whether it is an individual person or a couple from the neighborhood you can phone or go as a delegation to council.
Is that not how the council now knows the needs of the people?
I am open and would be approachable.
If elected I would also like to meet with groups that are already formed in various neighborhoods to see what their problems and needs might be.
I would like to see more open community meetings when dealing with bigger problems.
I would encourage more people to sit in and get involved in the council meetings.
I think in we, first what we in family, then we in community, we in B.C. need and so on.
I have been a group leader in church activates. I like people, do not mind speaking to large groups. I believe everyone is equal what ever the age, gender, race, or social status people should all be treated the same.
I realize I am new to this and have a lot to learn if I am elected.
I am a hard worker, well organized and know how to get a job done.
What can I say about being a leader, I would need to show you that skill, anyone can say they are a leader, but it may not be the truth.
Ask around about me, people who know me already would be the ones to say if they believe me to be a leader.
These threads are a good way for people to talk; perhaps council could have a thread as one way of getting ideas and feedback from the community.
Do you have any ways [ideas] you would like to see that done?
The community needs the help of its people to make it strong.
I have heard things at council meetings where I would have loved to be able to ask a question that I think would have helped the issues at hand.
Perhaps there could be a way for people to do this, without throwing the floor open to every crackpot out there.
I have never felt that the different areas in our community are not linked together when I say town I mean the whole Westside. I feel we are one community one town.
There is a down town area but town is the whole area to me just like Kelowna is all of Kelowna.
I will try and remember to say Westside instead of town in the future so people understand I mean our whole area. Sorry if by saying town I was misunderstood. Whatever name we end up with we are all in this together. When we help each other we help ourselves.
If we shop locally we help with jobs and it helps keep our taxes down.
I don’t understand when people say they do their entire shopping elsewhere, they are taking tax money out of their own pockets by doing that, it doesn’t make sense to me.
Together we are strong.
Again thank you for your question yeswecan
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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"I've sent this to all candidates. A yes or no answer will do.

I'd like to vote for someone with a little spine. Our mayor has stated (unlike all other cadidates) that she will only support a new name that has shown more than 50% support from the whole community. A new name will not help unify us if it only has 30% or 35% support. We need a majority, and if we don't get that, then some kind of run off until we do.

So far I have only one candidate to vote for, Neis for councillor. I'll vote for others only if they show leadership and commit to a 50 + 1% requirement for a new name. Will you commit to this?"

Thank's Ms Webber. You've already answered me with "no".
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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Hello, I am undecided about which candidates to vote for in the upcoming election, so I am sending out a question for all. We have lived here just a short time (8 months) and my family and I are horrified with the amount of crime and drugs that Kelowna /Westside has. Both places are getting a very bad reputation for high criminal activity and I strongly believe that something needs to be done about it. The name of the Westside does not have very much importance when the world is referring to it as Crack Alley, Drug City, Meth. Meadows, etc...... These are just a few names that I have heard in other provinces, when referring to Kelowna and the Westside. My question.......if you are voted in will you support a increase in policing? Thank you in advance.
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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Yes I would support an increase in policing if Westside can afford to.
I believe we should be doing more to address trouble [problem teens etc.] so we can use our tax money where we all benefit from it the most. But of course if the greatest need were policing I would support that.
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Re: Elva Webber - Council Candidate

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I believe Westbank has a bigger issue with homelessness, drug users and gangs. Shouldn't that be taken care of first, to protect the people who live here and shop around. People shouldn't be afraid to walk in their own neighborhood. I have never seen anyone mugged in downtown Kelowna, however I have seen people mugged in Westbank; it is absolutely terrifying. There are many programs in the schools that are cracking down on troubled teens.
Let's put an end to the fear factor on Westbank streets.

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