Joseph Strocen - Council Candidate

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Re: Joseph Strocen - Council Candidate

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Hi pdellerton,

I am in favour of a greater police presence on the Westside because I feel the safety of our residents should be paramount.

Having said that, I feel that we need to address this issue in cooperation with Peachland, and Westbank First Nations to ensure that the distribution of costs are representative of the policing allocation.

As a society we need to come together and safeguard the community.

Joe Strocen
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Re: Joseph Strocen - Council Candidate

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how do you feel about community projects, ie "barn raising" (thanks Jim) to create much needed municipal buildings, and community service by those who sin against the community...? would you support something like that?

the managers that we have in the municipality office are (potentially) up for a 16/22% raise. Since $$ is so tight in the municipality, why are we looking at raises now (as they were just hired) and would you support these raises? What in your opinion would pose an acceptable situation for the raises?
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Re: Joseph Strocen - Council Candidate

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Hey Joe... all the best tonight! I've got my fingers crossed for you.
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Re: Joseph Strocen - Council Candidate

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Joe, I voted for you yesterday and I'm sorry that you didn't make it. Best of luck to you and keep fighting for us!

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