Garry Litke - Council Candidate

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Garry Litke - Council Candidate

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A thread for Garry Litke, council candidate.
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Re: Garry Litke - Council Candidate

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I wish that Gary was running for Mayor. I find that with all that has taken place with the mayor and council concerning major construction within the city that Gary has been the one that I have been able to put my confidence in. As for Jake Kimberly, I am astonished that he put his name in the hat again. I find that Dan Ashton has one agenda and that is what ever is best for him. His views are too much like Kimberly's for me to trust him as mayor.
Maybe next time Gary you will run for mayor. If so you will get my vote. You are getting my vote for council as I need some one that I have faith in.

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