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By Bartlett: because as an elected official, you will be required to respond

I'd like to know how the people that want a water system at Fintry are going to be able to ask Jim anything and get a response. Jim doesn't answer his emails and he is holding the next water system meeting during the week (Thursday Dec 4 at 5 pm Killiney Beach Hall) and at 5 pm at night when many people that work don't actually get off work until 5, and then they have yet a 45 minute drive to get to the water meeting if they work in town. I suppose Jim doesn't want to listen to the dissention of the fact that RDCO has been sitting on the latest water system study since June 23, 2008 and has done nothing with it ... and RDCO hasn't held a water meeting in over a year. This new study shows that they went down to Fintry Delta and pointed their fingers at a few spots where they can test drill for water. The study itself took less than one month if you look at the dates on the report. RDCO has sat and done nothing with the report for 4 months. Meanwhile residents are wasting their money paying for gas to haul their water and paying companies to haul it for them. Where is the logic?
http://www.regionaldistrict.com/docs/en ... _Jun08.pdf

There is no mention of any test drill sites behind and up the hill from Valley of the Sun, which I feel should not be overlooked for a gravity type system instead of 4 km's of pipe from Fintry Delta to Valley of the Sun.

Smaller systems would be better than one large system in case of fire. If a forest fire were to burn up Fintry Delta where they are planning on placing the water pumps, that would leave Upper Finty, Shalal Road and Valley of the Sun without water. The area is a high risk area for forest fire so why would they want to do that??

The last meeting we had about the Fintry water system was on Nov 5, 2007 of which 130 people attended as stated on RDCO's website. So we had to wait from Nov 5, 2007 until December 4, 2008 to point fingers at some locations where some test holes could possibly be drilled.
http://www.regionaldistrict.com/departm ... sewer.aspx

I don't think Valley of the Sun or Upper Fintry or Shalal road voted for Jim Edgson. Jim probably doesn't care as he has water in his subdivision and he doesn't have to pay $200 per load for water!

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