Green Party Candidate

BC's provincial election and STV referendum takes place Tuesday May 12th.
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Re: Green Party Candidate

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I find humor in a lot of things, its the only way i can convince myself to continue on in this crappy world we live in.
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Re: Green Party Candidate

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OH I get it, New in town is a green advocate, but is taking the contrary view just to get the thread moving. Thats why his posts don't make sense, they don't need to, he is just churning the crank.
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Re: Green Party Candidate

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hampster1 wrote:This has to be the most weird political town ever, it’s the blues federally and the reds provincially, there will never be another party in the valley so why waste your time
besides if anyone was to vote for the ndp we wouldent want them here anyway!

Funny thing is, the BC Liberals are far from the "red" designation. Their politics are for the most part even a deeper blue than the current Federal government.

Re: Green Party Candidate

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I would only vote for the Greens, as a protest vote. That could happen.

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