Where's the Vital Issues?

BC's provincial election and STV referendum takes place Tuesday May 12th.
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Where's the Vital Issues?

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April 19, 2009

When Will Our Future Have A Value? – By Darrin LR Fiddler

It’s hard to compete with the recent historic election recently held south of the border. What made the US election so phenomenal was how the youth vote pushed the much-needed change in direction for the country’s policies. It would appear that our provincial politicians aren’t going to bother trying; the platforms are weak and the advertising lacks charisma. The party leaders are talking as if the recession was barely affecting the province.

Like the bailout dilemma, the province is trying to resuscitate a dead cow; pumping the declining industries with tax dollars with no word about moving on. Our government is responsible for providing research into the innovation and pre-production of our much-needed sustainable energy. Once the point of mass distribution is reached, the manufacturing sector can then take over.

While other countries are making worthy efforts to get their citizens’ gas-guzzlers off the road, little push has been made towards the market of hybrid and electric cars. Infrastructure for charging vehicles and tax incentives to buy them are needed to begin reducing our carbon footprint.

We can blindly jump into deficit and rejuvenate the ailing industries. In the short-run, this will help though the tab will be around for our grandchildren to inherit. A transparent government would involve its citizens in the major public policies. We need promises of holding citizen panels; let the people living directly with the consequences evaluate the promises and the risks.

Employing talent, imagination, and promising profits from industry breakthroughs; this sounds too much like an over-optimistic ending. These traits, however, are what busted North America out of the Great Depression. The status quo stands on a weak foundation and our economy is balancing on the choice that we decide to lead us through this. Our environment is no longer strictly a Green Party policy and our politicians are barely addressing any of the vital issues affecting our province and society.

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