Polling Stations

BC's provincial election and STV referendum takes place Tuesday May 12th.
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Polling Stations

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I note that our polling station is listed as Emmanuel Assembly while a neighbour who lives two blocks away from us has George Pringle as the polling station. Interesting that there are two polling stations so close together and also interesting that two neighbours have different polling stations. Of course the line has to be drawn somewhere.
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Re: Polling Stations

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and here in Lake Country we recieved Winfield United as our polling station when there are several closer, less out of the way places available
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Re: Polling Stations

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You can vote as an "absentee" voter at any polling station you come across. Just be sure to carry your Elections B.C. registration card and the necessary identification.

Absentee Voting - Voters who are unable to attend their assigned voting place on General Voting Day, or the advance voting place(s) in their electoral district of residence, may vote at any other voting place in the province

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