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Re: Tish Lakes - BC NDP

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Liberty and Truth wrote:What a load of hogwash that Tish Lakes is the only one listening to the Paramedics. Typical spin from typical spin-meisters at the NDP, the same ones who gave us the "fudge it" budget. This morning my wife tried to get to her job but the damn paramedics were blocking her access - real tough guys standing up to a 5ft 2 inch woman just trying to get to her job. This is public property these idiots are blocking, all in the name of maximum disruption against the Liberals on election day. I am sick of government unions and organized labour supporting the NDP here in BC with this kind of crap, all because they want to return to the glory days of the NDP being in power, who "listened" to them, which is code for the truth, which was the NDP government bending over and giving them everything they asked for, wages spiralled out of site and our province's economy was flushed down the toilet. It was totally embarassing to be a province with all of these resources, and yet having to put our hand out to the feds for funding. There is NO EXCUSE for that.

As for TIsh Lakes - I don't see anything in her bio that suggests to me she would have the first clue about what it takes to be an MLA or being a part of a functioning government. I don't see anything in Carol James bio either that suggests she would have the first clue how to be a premier. That's the real issue I have with the NDP - they only run teachers, labour organizers and low-level government bureaucrats as their candidates, who spout off soundbites about "listening to ordinary British Columbians" but then you dig below the surface of the soundbites and there is nothing there - their only solution being to "provide funding" - well news flash - we've seen this movie before - and the "funding" comes from only one source - taxpayers - and that well runs dry when all of the taxpayers leave the province, like they were doing in droves 10 years ago. The NDP should do everyone a favour and fold up as a party, they are far too dangerous in their ideologies to ever run something as important as the BC provincial government. They are unqualified and just plain lazy in their ideologies and execution.

BTW - at least Stewart's team has shown me they want to win. I have seen him waving at the side of the road on the way to work in the morning, I have received flyers, phone calls and even a personal visit at my house. I have seen NOTHING from Tish Lake's team, probably good, because if they did come to my house, they'd be berated for a solid hour and told to take a flying leap off the nearest pier.

Just to clarify "Liberty and Truth" is not one of my alter egos.

I just had to post why Tish thought she lost the election....

Fish Flakes wrote:I'm sort of angry about the claim of the $3 beer hike, it's not true and that may well have cost us a lot of votes.”

If your were listening to "ordinary British Columbians" and your leader you'd know that it was your inability to manage the economy that was your downfall.

I think I'll have a beer now.
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Re: Tish Lakes - BC NDP

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Re: Tish Lakes - BC NDP

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Found this on the Norm Letnick board, worth repeating:

The NDP Economic Record in the 1990s:

* The NDP came into office in 1991 on a promise of fiscal discipline, low taxes and economic stability. The actual results looked far different:

* After saying they wouldn’t raise taxes during the 1991 election campaign, the NDP raised taxes by nearly $2 billion in their first two years. As a result, by 1994 B.C. had the highest marginal income tax rates in North America.

* From 1994 onward, B.C.’s economic growth performed below the national average nearly every single year. By 1998, B.C. had the worst economy in the country.

* The NDP brought in EIGHT consecutive deficit budgets and doubled the province’s debt. They introduced five debt-management plans over eight years, and missed every single target. As a result, they received two credit rating downgrades during their time in office.

* The total operating debt – the debt accrued through spending on government operations – doubled to over $12 billion in 2000/01. This resulted in a $3.8 billion "structural deficit" left by the NDP in 2001.

* Between 1992 and 2000 B.C. ranked last in private-sector job creation per capita in the country, and suffered the highest unemployment rate of all the Western provinces nearly every year. The unemployment rate reached 10.2 per cent under the NDP with record high unemployment for women and youth.

* Under the NDP, Real Disposable Income dropped every year between 1991 and 1997, and didn’t even return to 1991 levels until 2001.

* Under the 1990s NDP, thousands of British Columbians fled the province. In their last three years of government (1998 to 2000), B.C. lost nearly 45,000 people to other provinces.


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