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Re: Olympics

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animal lover1 wrote:But it is here now...may as well enjoy it for the time it is here. You paid for it (and will continue to).

I wish the Olympics to go off without a hitch-best ever.

Then on April 1st, we string up our federal conservatives, and provincial NDP and Liberals.

Oh yes, we will continue to pay for it for the next 40 years. Are the '76 Olympics paid for yet?
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Re: Olympics

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Al Czervic wrote:
Fritzthecat wrote:
I think people are just fed up with the insanity of this huge waste of money.

Except of course for the tens of thousands who come out to support and cheer on the games and the torch wherever it is go’s. But yes there are always some negative losers in life who will always whine and complain about most everything. Present company excluded of course.

Al, why are you so angry?
Have you finally acknowledged to yourself that your illusions of a Gordon Campbell led Utopia are crashing down around you?
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Re: Olympics

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Well, at least folks at East Vancouver are actually doing something. You know..besides standing around Main and E. Hastings intersection.
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Re: Olympics

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grammafreddy wrote:
RR24K wrote:All these threads about this 16 day event, what is done is done. Should have, would have, could have Blah........... blah.........blah . Those who are pi** off about this should have made your voice heard when bidding for these game took place. Once the games have been awarded, to late... so sad it's a done deal. So be quiet and enjoy the show.

Sorry, I have opposed this from the very beginning. I don't intend to be quiet and enjoy the show. If that upsets you, you don't need to read the Olympic threads.

Opposed all you want. I did when it counted in biding process, I am not happy about $$$ that when into this 17 days event. It is what it is, you can b1tch and complain all you want it will not change a thing.
"grammafreddy" enjoy your b1tching party. :nyah:

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