Time to retire 2010 Winter Olympic Games

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Time to retire 2010 Winter Olympic Games

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I'm going to retire the thread to the archives soon, so if you have any last words about it, you'd best spit 'em out now!
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Re: Time to retire 2010 Winter Olympic Games

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Nope , so send it to cobweb infested area in the attic. :dyinglaughing: Oh sorry archive it.
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Re: Time to retire 2010 Winter Olympic Games

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I guess I better get my last few words in then.

The Olympics I think were a great success. Right from the opening ceremonies through the 17 days right down to the closings. I don't think Canada has ever come together before like they did during those 17 days. Wish I could of been down there, but still watching them will be something I wont forget.

Not only was the games, but the torch going across Canada on its 106 day journey. Like one of those RBC commercials said "Its funny how a single flame can light up a whole nation." I think that's just what it did. It brought communities together to witness this historic event.

There were so many great memories for me and I am sure everyone has some. The greatest 1 though had to be when Crosby scored the game winning gold to win Canada the gold in hockey. It was a historic moment because that made Canada the country to win the most gold medal(14) in 1 Olympics games. so what if US had the most medals, Gold is what really counts.

With them being over for a few months I still miss them and wish the could have been longer. I think the station providers didn't want them 2 end either considering the still have the Olympic rings on the screen. How long are they going to keep them there?

There are my few words. May these Olympic games live in our hearts forever.
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