Options for dealing with crime and drug use

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Re: Options for dealing with crime and drug use

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fvkasm2x wrote: I've never heard of someone breaking into a house to suppor their booze habit. I don't think that is a reflection on the legality, but more of a reflection on the drug and the effect it has on the minds of the users.

:137: Wow. I don’t even know where to start. You’ve never heard of anyone breaking into a house or stealing or robbing someone to fuel their alcohol habit? I find that really quite astonishing. I think I’ll drop out of this discussion at about this point.
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Re: Options for dealing with crime and drug use

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fvkasm2x wrote:I don't care about people doing drugs that much... I don't necessarily think doing ANY drug should be a crime. If you're stupid or weak willed enough to get hooked on drugs, that's your problem. You shouldn't have to go to jail for being an idiot. It's your body.

However, if those same people are stealing/robbing etc... to fuel their habit, then I think they should be disposed of. I'm all for capital punishment after "3 strikes." No appeals or long trials either. Save the taxpayers money.

If you've broken into a house, mugged a guy or anything like that THREE different times (or more) you obviously aren't a contributing member to society. Bullet to the head and be done with it.

Yes I know this is crass, inconsiderate and unrealistic. I simply don't care. The world is a cesspool and I have no compassion for repeat offenders. Talk to an old lady who was beaten for her purse by a guy who has 20 previous arrests for drugs and tell HER to HER FACE that it isn't the druggies fault, he has a medical problem. Tell the little girl who had her Christmas presents stolen during a B&E that Santa still loves her, even though the bad men need a hospital for their problem.

I also don't think addiction is a disease. You chose to do drugs in the first place. You can choose to get help. And yes... I've had a family member addicted to cocaine. I've had a family member go to jail for crime related to drugs. Still doesn't change my opinion.

** While alcohol is a drug and has its share of related problems, I don't think you can group it with crack/coke/heroin. Alcoholics almost never do crime to feed their addiction. Apples and oranges IMO

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