The Advent of Ethical/Moral Decay

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Re: The Advent of Ethical/Moral Decay

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steven lloyd wrote:As citizens in a collective society it can be argued we have a moral responsibility to speak and even engage in civil disobedience when dealing with unjust and immoral laws. Try some Martin Luther King Jr.

Do you define a difference between civil disobediance "I believe in a cause", and willful disobediance "I am going to break the law because I want to."?

I could understand the former, but not the latter. The former involves people standing up for a cause they believe in, as a unified front; working actively to change the law. I do not know the legal aspects of this, but as it occurs I would guess there is some allowance for it in our legal system. The latter is just people deciding laws don't apply to them.

As an observer (sources being online media, personal interaction etc.), I would say that while some people are pot activists and reside in the former catagory, the bulk of the people I am in contact with/aware of reside firmly in the latter.
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