The barbarians have arrived

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Re: The barbarians have arrived

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Homeownertoo wrote:At a crucial level, rejecting sharia law means rejecting the muslim individual. That's because sharia law has standing in virtually all muslim-majority states. The Koran permits muslim minorities to coexist with majority cultures and thus accept the offical absence of sharia law, but calls them to work toward the alternative. And in reality, muslim minorities (though certainly not all muslim individuals) do seek the imposition of sharia law upon themselves if not upon all of the host society. For evidence, read about Britain, France, Holland, Canada, etc.

My comments may come across as cold.
To those who immigrate to Canada if you are looking to push for Sharia Law to be enforced, please chose another new homeland maybe one that already has Sharia Law being enforced.
Canada already has a court system does not need to change it to someone else's system.
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