What a surprise, the CONS lied to us

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Re: What a surprise, the CONS lied to us

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UnknownResident wrote:Well it really should come as no surprise, afterall they are politicians! I would expect the same from every party. Not to write this off, because it is important, they're whole campaign was built around fiscal responsibility and balancing the budget. Remarkable that more people who voted Conservative aren't in an outrage over this.

Generally, people become outraged when an election promise has been broken, but this is not the case yet. You can't just make cuts willy-nilly in a month's time. If the 2012 budget does not reflect the promised cuts, then there ample reason for people to be outraged, but to be so now is unreasonable.
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Re: What a surprise, the CONS lied to us

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I am just so relieved that the Conservatives can now actually bring in a budget, have it debated, and get it passed in the House, without the idiot Jackie doing his standard sabre-rattling about going to yet another election. Refreshing!!
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Re: What a surprise, the CONS lied to us

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Wait, wait, wait...
So a party has more numbers available to them now, and the release publicly a realistic plan to lower our deficit and STILL this is somehow a bad thing?
It's not like they threw the idea in the trash, they are just being realistic about it.
I mean come-on people, you still want your Canadian services right? Medicare, pension, yadda, yadda. The money comes from somewhere...

I'm actually more impressed by this now after reading the article. Good on them for being upfront.

Now I just wish they would cut their own salaries a touch.

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