Civic Election 2011 READ ME

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Civic Election 2011 READ ME

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In years past we've offered more structure in the temporary election forums, however this year I'm leaving it more of a free-for-all. We'll see how it goes.

Free-for-all or not, I'd like to caution you to keep a civil tone in your posting. Politics is a hot topic, but please try to keep your cool.

One thing to note, people tend to be very insulting about politicians. This is not much of a problem internationally, federally, or even provincially, but on a local level please be more mindful of what you say about the candidates. They are your neighbours, so to speak.

For posting in here, your mantra should be: Attack their record (or lack of one), don't attack them on a personal level.

If you see a problem post click the ! button to alert the moderators of the issue or email me directly at [email protected] Do not respond to the post. And spare the lectures when reporting a problem, because when an inapprorpriate post has not been removed, it does not mean we are 'allowing' terrible things to be said, it means we haven't seen the problem. That's why we have a report button.

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