Read before asking to lead!

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Read before asking to lead!

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I attended the Mayoralty Debate at the Mary Irwin Theatre November 2, and was not alone in being disappointed by the other candidates answers (or rather, lack of them) to Sharon Shepherd's questions “What do you feel are the most significant changes in the recently adopted OCP that sets the course for the next 20 years, and how will you implement these changes?"
These are important questions, but not one other Mayoral candidate was even remotely familiar enough with the plan to seriously answer them, even to the slightest degree. How can we take these candidates seriously if they haven't even bothered to familiarize themselves with the plan before asking to lead in it?

[The Kelowna Official Community Plan (OCP) provides a policy framework for Council by addressing issues such as housing, transportation, infrastructure, parks, economic development and the natural and social environment. Official Community Plans deal with issues expected to arise over the coming twenty-year period. These plans are typically reviewed/refined every five years to ensure that the OCP continues to meet community needs.]
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Re: Read before asking to lead!

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All too often people become victims of believing they can solve complex
problems with a few quick solutions. Simplicity is not a virtue in the
political world. It sometimes starts over a few beers with George or
whatever, you would make a great candidate and you could sure straighten
those people out. In a few weeks people believe the words of others and
find themselves out of their league, in a world full of problems they didn't
know existed. People have to be familiar with the problems and more
important, how will the solutions fix or worsen the problem that is already
impeding the progress of the city. Some folks have no idea what they are
in for. Council candidates are even worse in some cases. They live on a
dream of making a difference and often the only dream that becomes

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