Lumby Civic Election gets to be fun

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Re: Lumby Civic Election gets to be fun

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sharperinlumby wrote:Oh my gosh, it gets more and more ridiculous. One of the mayoralty candidates that got caught with foot in mouth syndrome is now trying to tell one and all saying that two other candidates running for Council are ganging up on him manipulating e mails.
Oh you poor sod, you already apologized for one of your vitriolic statements to another candidate which he confirms on this site. Hard to say your message was manipulated now. If you wish people to trust what you say I think you blew it. Man up and take responsibility for your actions. You have just demonstrated why you are not mayoralty material.

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Re: Lumby Civic Election gets to be fun

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Glacier wrote:
nhodge wrote:It's weird how no one seems to care about my position on parking meters. Maybe I need to rethink that one.

Do some candidates want to install parking meters? If so, I think your position would be a popular one.

The easiest bylaw for our new bylaw enforcement officer would be parking tickets. It's a great source of revenue & an easy way to justify the salary. No one has come out for parking meters, but then again no one campaigned for water meters & we got those. now we are getting new Hydro meters (cost $1 billion) and I don't remember anyone campaigning for those either.

So, this is my premptive strike. No parking meters in downtown Lumby while I am councillor. If someone comes up with the idea as a revenue generator I can say, "I campaigned against this idea" and then vote against it.

Nick Hodge

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