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Post by ifwisheswerehorses »

I sent a complaint to the site given but then the subject was locked. Looked at classifieds tonight and still not working properly.
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Re: Pictures

Post by Bsuds »

maybe the problem is at your end?
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Re: Pictures

Post by ferri »

Did you send it to [email protected] ?
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Re: Pictures

Post by alanjh595 »

Bsuds wrote: Nov 5th, 2021, 5:40 am maybe the problem is at your end?
I agree Sudsy.

It's like the GUI is somehow disconnected or something ?

Just like filing a complaint in the forums about a problem in the classifieds is like calling the fire department because your neighbour is making too much noise.
But just as a courtesy the fire department gives you the police departments' phone number, which they did call, but the problem was not resolved to their level of satisfaction or within the allotted time so they called the fire department back.

Maybe the IT Dept. is aware of the problem now, and they are working on resolving it as fast as they can, but may have to wait for parts to finish the repair.
Maybe they have bigger, more important things to deal with than making sure that your ad has pictures attached to it immediately, like .... oh ....maybe ......what restaurant the tech team is going to for their weekly lunch meeting ?
Maybe the server has a new and severe virus that there is not anti-viral software for or is still in the research, development and testing stages, like maybe the severe server virus of Castanet 2021, or "SSVC"net2021 for short. I heard the North Koreans have been hacking Canadian websites lately looking for information on _______________(OH wait forget that, they might be reading this messages I type it and they will turn this post into a SuperConductive computer worm bug).

I will now return control of this forum back to the reader. This message will end as soon as you click on the smilie below.

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Re: Pictures

Post by Troy »

ifwisheswerehorses wrote: Nov 5th, 2021, 5:37 am I sent a complaint to the site given but then the subject was locked. Looked at classifieds tonight and still not working properly.
I'm rather certain this problem is on your end. Nobody else is reporting any issue like this. Perhaps you're blocking images or something. Feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] and, if you can, please include a screen capture of what the classifieds looks like for you.


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