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Re: UPDATE An (Un)Official Campaign Organization: FourChange

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Lady tehMa wrote:
grammafreddy wrote:I'm not too concerned with gender balance. I am looking for a mix of experienced and new, people-people and fiscally prudent people.

Supporting urban hens is where my line gets drawn and decides who gets looked at and who doesn't. Pass that and I look at your other platforms. Fail and you are written off entirely.

I understand that, I have similar criteria. However Urban Hens (while desirable) are not a deal breaker for me. I prefer fiscal responsibility, business acumen, and the ability to make decisions. I also make decisions based on inside information. One candidate who seemed a good choice (to me) was disqualified in my view because of something I learned in confidence. (Don't ask, not telling.)

The chicken issue was the line that, for me, separated the candidates who would consider what the average taxpayer wanted and the ones who deemed it beneath them. Ordinary folks' concerns vs the snooty better-than-you ones. It wasn't actually about the chickens themselves. It was about considering all citizens no matter what the issue was.
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