Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

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Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by cbaz »

In recent days some concerns have been raised about the fact that I am running for City Council in Kelowna while living in West Kelowna. I want to assure voters that I am completely committed to Kelowna and making it a better city for all. My family has deep roots in Kelowna, having arrived in the Rutland area in 1907. My parents met while attending Rutland High School and they continue to reside in Rutland today.

I was born and raised in Kelowna and in my 33 years, I have only lived outside of Kelowna for a short time, most recently when I lived in Penticton while working for CHBC Television. My wife and I made the decision to move back to the Kelowna area two years ago to be closer to friends, family and to allow me to work at Royal Lepage in Kelowna. However my wife was unable to find work at the Kelowna General Hospital so for financial reasons it was best she keep her job at the hospital in Penticton. She asked if I would be willing to live in West Kelowna to shorten her commute and like any good partner, I agreed to the compromise.

Lucky for us, my wife has recently gained employment at the Kelowna General Hospital and therefore we have listed our home for sale. As soon as it sells we will be moving back home to Kelowna. I work in Kelowna, shop in Kelowna, have family and friends in Kelowna and my heart is in Kelowna. I am so thankful for those who are supporting my campaign because they know how important the city and its future are to me. For more information on my campaign, please feel free to visit my website and I thank you all for your continued support.

Colin Basran
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by chadderbox »

So he's listed his home for sale and is moving back to Kelowna. He made a comprimise with his wife to live in West Kelowna as she was working in Penticton. I hope that puts to bed the issue with him currently living across the bridge. I'm all for Colin and would like to say he's been impressive in the candidate live forums. He has my vote.
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by GareBear »

In my Opinion Colin is Committed to Kelowna!!! What does Commitment mean to you??? Colin has raised thousands of dollars for the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation through his charity golf events, He is born and raised in Kelowna and understands the city and challenges it faces, a member of the Kelowna Young Professionals Task Force, formed by the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Commission, along with his Family Roots dating back to me this is COMMITMENT TO KELOWNA!!!! for that reason i will be supporting Colin Basran on November 19, 2011.
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by EdCase »

Thanks for the explanation Colin.

I never doubted your commitment to Kelowna and you will certainly receive my vote!
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by drbrule »

It is quite clear that Colin is truly committed to Kelowna. Born, raised, family, friends, job, shopping, Young Professionals Task Force, GenNext, Basran Charity Open; and all of this IN KELOWNA.

The fact that he was required to live on the other side of the bridge for a short period of time, does not negate his commitment to his life long community of Kelowna. His integrity speaks for itself - so lets get back to the topics that really matter to Colin: Revitalizing downtown (Kelowna), Increasing Policing resources (in Kelowna) and attracting industry (to Kelowna). I too suggest people should go to his campaign website and read what really matters.
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by exFarmerS »

Good enough for me. Thanks for the explanation.
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by igaloo »

Are we actually going to judge someones character and qualities based on his temporary physical location? What's next, which side of the bed he prefers to sleep on!? Seriously, if someone has an issue with this, get in touch with the candidate and ask for clarifications, but don't start a needless debate (candidly, a gossip thread) on this irrelevant subject! We need to vote based on what the person brings to the table and his ability to perform as our representative in this stagnant city council. Colin, I respect how patient you are with this childish subject and frankly, glad you put this to rest. I would much rather know more about your plans for my city instead of your private family affairs.

I was pleased with your speech last night at the debate, you really are one of the few that stood out and made a serious impression. Glad you are running.
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by Bsuds »

That does help and will give him consideration. Thanks for posting that info Colin.
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by Rwede »

Lots of first time posters popped into this thread in a short time span! :wink:

Like I said, I'm not too concerned where he lives, I'm more concerned about an endorsement from CUPE. How does that support get "repaid" at the political level, and at what cost to taxpayers? We all know it's a "you scratch my back I scratch yours" world in politics, so don't bother with the outrage at my comment. We saw how the union support of the NDP destroyed BC's economy in the 1990s and sent our taxes to the highest level in the country.

What is the union expecting in return for its support?
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by centro_consulting »

Colin Basran has a great vision for our great city that I happen to share. A lot of people who I talk to also share that vision. To me the place of residence is not as important as the person's character, platform and vision for our city. That is why I will be voting for Colin Basran. I hope you will too!
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by tls_09 »

Colin definitely has my vote. His dedication to our city far outweighs such a trivial issue such as living a few kilometres out of town. If he is willing to sacrifice time away from his family to put his heart and soul into a city that he loves (helping create a brighter future for our children, and a safer place for all of us), it wouldn't matter if he lived as far north in BC as possible!

Very impressive work so far Colin - looking forward to seeing you on Council!
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by grammafreddy »

igaloo wrote:Are we actually going to judge someones character and qualities based on his temporary physical location? What's next, which side of the bed he prefers to sleep on!?

One hopes he doesn't vote from his bed and what happens there. One expects a committed politician to actually live and pay taxes in the community that relies on sound fiscal policy and good management practices to run their city and manage the city's large budget. Someone who doesn't live in the community doesn't have the same vested interest as one who does.

Your explanation works for me.

I'm looking at you, Mr Basran, but I note you have not responded to the email regarding your position on allowing backyard chickens. My vote hinges on that response.
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by ryan22 »

Colin I'm glad you decided to respond and clear the air on this topic! Your involvement in Kelowna based charities and organizations speaks for itself....Your heart is in Kelowna! I will be voting for Colin Basran and I hope you do too!
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by jfeves »

The fact that 90% of the posters in this thread are brand new members is discouraging... Did you have a rally with your friends and family exclaiming the importance of getting their support on the castanet forums?
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Re: Colin Basran - Committed To Kelowna

Post by gambler »

Well, I'm glad Colin finally cleared this up but....what took him so long? We've been discussing this for 3 days and he finally issues a statement. And if it takes him this long to see what people on the forums are talking about, shame on him. It's not like these forums are the ultimate source for news (far from it!) but I would think any candidate that wants to get a feel for how a community is thinking, would be checking in to see what's being said (just as they check their facebook and twitter feeds). You know how they all say communication is something they will strive for, well this is it. While there are regular posters here, there are many more checking in just to view, as can be seen by the number of page views. Anyhow, glad you caught up Colin. But yes, you need to call off the pep rally, we got the message.

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