Why I'm NOT Voting for Walter Gray

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Re: Why I'm NOT Voting for Walter Gray

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Kathy73 wrote:Walter Gray is the only choice for Mayor right now. Sharon's past 6 year track record speaks for itself - sheeesh!. More Crime, More Homeless people on the streets, and more empty offices downtown. The LOGO debacle etc etc. We don't need more of the same. So Sad.

Well on a positive note great voting turn out means change is in the air! I have had friends in Castanet that were on the fence on who to vote for and after seeing Sharon's supporters smear attacks (and threaten one person by email in here in one case) they are not voting for Sharon anymore. Also her recent lie about fire union funds sealed her own fate. Just saying... Argue with a little more tact and you may get better results. Try again in 3 years I guess.

Seriously? The mud slinging goes both ways, so that should be a wash.
The following are lies:
More crime, more homeless and more empty offices than 6 years ago.

The logo waste should not be blamed on a single person.

If you want to vote for someone who will just bring back the reasons why we voted him out 6 years ago, go right ahead. I would just hope that people's memories are not so short as they forget the reasons we voted against Walter Gray 6 years ago.
I thought we wanted change, not further back towards the old status quo.

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