Why I'm voting for Cal Condy

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Re: Why I'm voting for Cal Condy

Post by Gilchy »

UltraViolet wrote:You obviously don't want any change then, the same old stupidity will prevail.

Nice assumption. It's not a black and white issue, I'm just choosing not to vote for the individual who thought a general carpenter knows how to review the structural integrity of a bridge better than an engineer, and who didn't understand net present value calculations on long-term government contracts.
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Re: Why I'm voting for Cal Condy

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Gilchy wrote: I'm just choosing not to vote for the individual who thought a general carpenter knows how to review the structural integrity of a bridge better than an engineer.

Im wondering how many bright engineers it took to include built in washboard in the bridge deck surface of the new bridge?
Did they engineer it for traffic calming, or better traction?

The bottom line is that common sense needs to be practiced first above proving that you think you know something.
I'm not yet convinced that people who appear highly intelligent can practice what they preach.
I also can't stand people who are set in their ways, and are not open to public discussion.

Some engineers want to build sky scrapers on the Kelowna downtown bog, even though a 100 foot deep concrete pile still wouldn't rest on solid ground.

Kelowna is in trouble, and previous Mayors have proven that they haven't got a clue whats right or wrong, or whats best for residents. All talk and no action, the same old, same old crap!

Like, who in their right mind would take our beautiful previous "meaningful" City logo and hire some nutcase to create an ugly degrading piece of trash to replace it? And why?

How about contraversial ugly expensive artwork placed in our City?

It is very clear to me, that I don't want has beens that are out of touch with reality to represent the people of Kelowna.
Sharon Shepherd is a very nice person, but she doesn't belong in the Mayors chair.

Walter is just a washed up old timer, that is so set in his ways that a jackhammer wouldn't crack his platform.
As far as the "others" are concerned, one doesn't want to appear in the public, and the other is too pre-occupied with his own business, and eating of course.

Now, Condy on the other hand, has some great ideas.

- He has already worked on a new Transit plan, with all new routes.
- Has drawn up a plan for the homeless.
- Is suggesting to open up the meeting room at City Hall to have proper public input into all issues, instead of being useless for 257 days of the year.
- Wants to resolve issues faster by having more meetings and public input.
- He wants better voter turnout by suggesting online voting.
- He is suggesting an online resident complaint/suggestion site for better interaction.
- Wants better community policing to make our neighborhoods safer and better places to live in.
- Wants to bring back some fun things to residents and tourists.

Cal's efforts are already proving that he clearly wants to work with the people.

It doesn't take an engineer to prove that Cal's approach starts with covering the basics first, something that no other Mayoral candidate has even begun to discuss.
Public input is his number one priority in making things happen.

All the rest are all talk and no action!
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Re: Why I'm voting for Cal Condy

Post by wanderer »

Condy is playing everyone, and can't be taken seriously, maybe it's because he isn't a front runner. I heard him at the Senior's forum last week, he stated he would just open up the cheque book to solve any problems the seniors have! There was no legitimate statement of what he stands for other than the insinuation that the "bank of the city of Kelowna" would be open.

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