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Anyone follow the work of CTF, interesting only one mayoral candidate and four councillors signed the Contract in Kelowna, any thoughts about this?

"The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has secured the signatures of 86 mayor and council candidates on our Contract with Taxpayers.

As you may recall, the Contract calls for limiting property tax increases to the rate of inflation, expanding direct democracy at city halls and supporting transparency initiatives like publishing expenses and submitting to a Municipal Auditor General. (To see the whole Contract, visit

It also asks for the introduction of a Taxpayer Protection Bylaw, which would put these rules into municipal law—and dock 15% of the pay of mayors and councillors who raised taxes beyond inflation.

Please note: this is not an endorsement by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, merely a list of the 86 candidates who have signed our Contract with Taxpayers, pledging to bring in a Taxpayer Protection Bylaw if elected.

Kelowna: Mayoralty candidate Cal Condy; Council candidates Tasha Batt, Doug Cass, Elizabeth Fehr, Mark Thompson"

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