Council Accountability

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Council Accountability

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I support an accessible public record of council votes and attendance to increase accountability and transparency in our city government.

Accountability is not just for elections, it must be a spirit that inhabits city hall every day of the year. Currently to know how a councillor voted or how many meeting he or she attended one must look at the minutes of every meeting, it is an often long time consuming process. On council I will work with others to ensure our city has a clear easily accessible document on its website containing councillor voting history and attendance records.

I support greater accountability, not just through transparent reporting of council, but through town halls, where if council cannot explain a decision to you, it is something the government should not be doing.

I was motivated to run because I want a city government that interacts with the public and makes decisions. I believe greater accountability is the method that will engage the public and council, that will motivate both to work together towards making Kelowna a better city.

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