Election Eve !

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Election Eve !

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Well here we are on election eve for those of us that did not vote in the advanced polls yet.
Tomorrow will be a big day for our City and I hope you get out and vote just wanted to mention that I hope you have given serious thought to whom and why you are voting for a certain individual.

If you would like to take Kelowna back to the days of making the few in our community wealthy and the average citizen footing the bill then you should be voting for Walter Gray and the FourChange four.

If you decide you would rather be represented by a Mayor and Council that actually care about "balanced" growth for our City and its people and not pandering too developers and and the few that are self serving and greedy then you should be supporting those that will be supporting you.

Mayor Sharon should be re-elected and councillors other than FourChanges hand picked puppets should be elected to serve the people of Kelowna and not a select few.

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