A great learning experience

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A great learning experience

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Running for city council was an amazing learning experience. I tried to do things differently but it only got me a 1,007 votes, although I only spent about $1,000... Next time, I will have had 3 years to plan, get my name out and follow the issues more closely so I will be more prepared. I will also get a team to help me and I will be using signs. I will also be joining more organizations and being more public about my activities in Kelowna. I learned how to write a press release that got published, so look out press, here comes the releases!

Thank you to the forum people for holding me accountable and forcing me to say more, as "less is not more" in modern politics where people what to hear, in detail, what you stand for and are capable of.

Cheers and thanks again,

Simon Shaw
CEO of Zesti Media

note: I will be keeping my polling site up with new weekly polls on issues relevent to the community: http://www.okanagapolls.ca

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