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All Candidates Forum

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Didn't they learn from last time?? The Community Hall is not large enough to host a forum of this size! By the time you get all the candidates in there along with their families and other support people, there won't be enough room for any of us who would really like to attend to hear what they all have to say. This happened last time - many people were turned away. Hold the All Candidates Forum in a location where all people who want to attend can, without being told the facility is at capacity.
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I'd better go early! Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say.
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Perhaps posting a date and time for the event would help fill the hall...
'All candidates' meeting West Kelowna
by Castanet Staff - Story: 66128 Oct 17, 2011 / 4:26 pm

Voters in West Kelowna will get an opportunity hear from their candidates directly during an All Candidates Meeting.

The West Kelowna Residents Association is hosting the event, starting at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 27 at the Westbank Lions Community Halls, 2466 Main Street in West Kelowna.

Residents are invited to meet their candidates for Mayor and Council, review their platforms, hear their views and ask questions.

The organizers are also inviting questions in advance via email at [email protected]

Invitations have been issued to both Mayoralty Candidates, Doug Findlater and Rosalind Neis.

The 13 councillor candidates invited are Guy Albrecht, Rick de Jong, Rusty Ensign, Gordon Ficke, David Knowles, Gord Milsom, Duane Ophus, Randall Robinson, Cathy Sinclair, Mike Smith, Michael Trenn, Bryden Winsby and Carol Zanon.
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The hall was basically full, but nobody was hanging from the rafters. I thought the format was a little off...the same 3 candidates answered the same question in the same order...the last of the 3 had a slight advantage and the order never changed.

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