Katie Robinson running for Mayor

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Re: Katie Robinson running for Mayor

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Yesterday's news? On the surface, maybe... The deeper problem is that yesterday's news
will be tomorrow's (i.e.: history repeats itself). Also, I don't think that vindication is the motive.
These concilors failed many tests:

-Poor personal judgement (a prison is really their best proposal for this stunning area?)

-High-risk takers (no impact studies - let's just take the word of those who stand to gain with the project)

-No respect for the electorate (no referendum > referendum > puny little poll with polling station on 2nd floor!)

-Tried to wiggle out of the results (low turnout - who might be responsible for making it difficult?)

-And in the end, let's do everything to encourage the prison regardless (what part of NO do they not understand?)

This farce has gone on far too long (it is amazing actually). The challenge now lies in finding
the best replacements for those individuals and not "dilute" our votes with all the choices out there
which bring me back to Katie and how I wish she would help Pentictonites by gracefully pulling out of
the race (sorry, I could not resist here).

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