Too many white people

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Too many white people

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Notice something about the mayor, city council and school board trustees in Penticton?
They're all white, except Poonam Chahal.
In a week where we celebrate Multiculturism, we should get away from the Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian stereotype and encoruage a more diversification of candidates.
My vote's with Poonam, first because she's young and secondly because we need representation from the East Indian community.

Also: For those who say she's inexperienced. Katie Robinson would have gone to her first council meeting. Dan Ashton would have had his first year on council. Dan Albas was a rookie last year. If she's at UBCO, she's obviously bright enough.

Poonam and Wes Hawkin are the only two I'm voting for.
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Re: Too many white people

Post by hoot »

It's just as insulting to vote for an individual solely because of their ethnicity as it is not to .

And that goes for sexual orientation and sex too.

Vote for a person on what they can do for Penticton, not just to fill a quota.
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Re: Too many white people

Post by MRO »

I can see your frustration but this is NOT the way in my view. Personally I will vote for someone, regardless of their ethnicity, for their views and platform. I will NOT vote for someone because of quotas, their signs or how they look. I also think that folks that obtain a vote for the reaons that you seem to imply would be disappointed and deserve better. My $0.02
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Re: Too many white people

Post by Imreal »

Bet she made you take a second look at her platform though, eh? Just to see what's going on. Just a little curious? What's this lady all about? Hmm. Not white. Hmm. Young. Curious enough to check her out yet? Smart move on her part, I would have to say.

So, checked out her website yet? Bet you wanna now!
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Re: Too many white people

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I'm having a hard time believing that this is a topic on this forum.

Skin colour, sex, religion & sexual orientation have no place in politics.

A candidates worthiness should surround their intelligence and knowledge of issues important to voters.


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