Out with the old...

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Out with the old...

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... and by old, I do mean OLD. Isn't it time some of these six and seven term councilors were replace with new ones??? When I saw they were ALL running again, my first reaction was "You have got to be kidding!!!" Seriously?!?!

Summerland is in desperate need of fresh perspectives and new enthusiasm. The last council meeting I caught a clip of, I swear, one of these old-timers was nearly falling asleep!

Time to clear the board and bring Summerland into the twenty-first century!!! PLEASE !!!
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Re: Out with the old...

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I think I'd be a little more concerned with what each candidate's stand on the issues were, rather than assuming that a complete transfusion was going to be a move for the better. There's quite a bit of new blood looking for a spot on council, and I believe all the current councilors are seeking re-election as well. What do you see as the major issues toto?
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