Long list of why NOT to vote Liberal

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Re: Long list of why NOT to vote Liberal

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I'm not voting Liberal because their plan is to borrow billions of dollars from their private banker friends.

The taxpayer gets to pay back the interest on those private loans. It's a giant welfare check for the banks.

In 1991-92, the interest on the debt was $41 billion. This cost of borrowing and its compounding effect have a significant impact on Canada’s annual deficits. From Confederation up to 1991-92, the federal government accumulated a net debt of $423 billion. Of this, $37 billion represents the accumulated shortfall in meeting the cost of government programs since Confederation. The remainder, $386 billion, represents the amount the government has borrowed to service the debt created by previous annual shortfalls.

In other words, of the accumulated debt of $423 billion, the government really needed to borrow only $37 billion—accumulated over 127 years—to cover its shortfalls on real spending for goods and services.

I agree that we need to spend on infrastructure. We could borrow the money needed from the Bank of Canada with 0% interest. That's why the Bank of Canada exists.

The NDP would tax that 670 billion of "dead money" that corporate Canada is sitting on. Instead of borrowing the money from private banks, they'd take the money from the banks themselves. Why go into debt and enrich bankers further? Why go into debt at all when the money is right there?

The Liberals "won't raise the corporate tax rate". Of course they won't. It's been slashed in half over the last 30 years. They'll also be handing the banks billions and billions in interest payments - money that could go into building this country up.

Blue/Red same pill.
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Re: Long list of why NOT to vote Liberal

Post by Static »

Based on hair, I think I would vote Liberal. Trudeau has a good head of hair. Harper needs to do something with his. He needs a stylist.
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Re: Long list of why NOT to vote Liberal

Post by logicalview »

Atomoa wrote:I'm not voting Liberal because their plan is to borrow billions of dollars from their private banker friends.

Then you should vote Liberal, as this isn't true. While sifting through the gibberish of your post, I found this nugget:

The NDP would tax that 670 billion of "dead money" that corporate Canada is sitting on.

You do realize that this "dead money" as you call it is after-tax money right? You can't tax money that is after tax. Tax is charged on revenue earned. Taxing money that is already net of tax is inherently insane.
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Re: Long list of why NOT to vote Liberal

Post by Glacier »

Here's the one reason why I'm now starting to lean against voting Liberal...

Canada could be in for a fundamental transformation

The federal election to be held on Monday could be one of the most important in Canadian history that could result in, as Barack Obama would say, a fundamental transformation of the country.

Examining the polls, it appears Canada is headed towards either a Conservative or Liberal minority government. If the Conservatives win a minority both main opposition parties have said they will not support the government. If this happens it would result in either another quick trip to the polls or the Governor-General will ask Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to form the government.

Until the last few weeks, the Tories, Liberals and the NDP were in a virtual dead heat. This changed when the wearing of a niqab or full face covering while being sworn in as a Canadian citizen became an issue, led primarily by the left wing media.

Both Trudeau and NDP leader Tom Mulcair think it is perfectly alright for women to be sworn in as Canadian citizens with their face covered. Mulcair’s party dropped dramatically after his niqab pronouncement, mainly in the province of Quebec.

For the first time in Canadian history, the NDP became the official opposition after the 2011 election, due to the party winning 59 out of 75 seats in Quebec. The most seats the Dippers had ever won in that province before was two.

Quebecers are the least tolerant of any of the Canadian provinces when it comes to what they call “accommodation” of those from other countries and cultures. Quebec is the only province in Canada that has a culture. In the ROC (rest of Canada) our culture is everyone else’s culture. The dramatic drop in support for the NDP in La Belle Province left the other two parties vying to form the next government of Canada.

There is little doubt that the loss of a Conservative majority will result in major changes to Canada that will propel the country to become more like Europe; flooded by “refugees” from Syria and a large increase in taxes and spending.

It has been the position of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party that Canada will accept refugees from Syria. But Harper has insisted these refugees must be screened before being allowed entry into Canada. As well, the Tories want to give preference to Christians, Yazidis and members of Muslim minority sects rather than Sunnis and Shias. These people definitely fall under the category of Convention refugees and while Sunnis and Shias might be legitimate refugees, they may also simply be migrants wanting to go to the West. And we should take ISIS at their word when they say there are Islamic jihadists among these migrants who are going to the West to attack it.

To the Liberals and the NDP, taking this position is racist and evidence of the government being anti-Muslim. There is nothing like playing politics with the security of Canadians.

Should Trudeau become prime minister, he has promised to allow 25,000 Syrian “refugees” into Canada before the end of the year, a little over two months from now. The mind boggles over how many of these mainly young men of fighting age will be admitted during 2016 and after.

Although Canada, like the United States, has so far avoided what is happening in Europe where “refugees” are making demands upon the governments who have taken them in, this is likely to change. The vast majority of those who have fled to Europe are not real refugees. It is only a matter of time before the problems facing European countries such as Germany and Sweden will surface in Canada. This, will forever transform the country.

Trudeau always opposed Canada’s military mission in bombing the Islamic State and says if he is elected he will pull the Canadian troops out. This is consistent with his initial statements that Canada should have provided winter clothing to those being killed by ISIS rather than try and defeat Islamic jihadists.

Unlike other politicians who court Muslims in order to get votes, Trudeau has a record of visiting Wahhabi mosques in Canada that have been tied to terrorism. He just doesn’t care. He doesn’t see the threat.

According to Trudeau, there is no threat to Canada from Islamic jihadists; it’s all simply scare mongering by the prime minister in order to shore up his base.

Although it is tempting to compare the Shiny Pony to the US president, there is no comparison. While campaigning for the 2008 election, Obama said he was going to fundamentally transform America. It is one of the rare times when Barry actually told the truth. He couldn’t have made it any clearer.

The left wing media, with their legs all a-tingle at the possibility of the first black president, never bothered to ask the candidate or attempt to figure out what he meant by a fundamental transformation of the United States. They just assumed getting George W. Bush out of the White House would be a fundamental transformation. It took years but some of these pseudo-journalists are actually getting it.

At least Obama knew exactly what he was doing. He has fundamentally transformed the US and if it is ever to return to its pre-2008 greatness, it will take generations.

Trudeau on the other hand has no clue. He is completely unmoved by the butchering of Christian babies, children and adults by the head choppers. His reaction to the violence is to make jokes about it such as criticizing the Conservatives for “whipping out their CF-18s.”

He is a child who knows and does not care about what is going on in the world. He attributed the Russian invasion of the Ukraine as being caused by the Russians losing at hockey. It’s all funny to him.

At least Obama has some experience with real life gained as a community organizer on the streets of Chicago. The part time drama teacher has none.

Should the Liberals form the government, Canada will be transformed. And Justin will not even see it coming.
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Re: Long list of why NOT to vote Liberal

Post by oneh2obabe »

Link to the above article

Canada could be in for a fundamental transformation
By Arthur Weinreb -- October 14, 2015

Arthur Weinreb is an author, columnist and Associate Editor of Canada Free Press.
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Re: Long list of why NOT to vote Liberal

Post by Partmanpartfish »

Glacier wrote:Here's the one reason why I'm now starting to lean against voting Liberal...

Making electoral decisions based on the unhinged rants from an extreme-right-wing neo-nazi like Weinreb is probably not the most sensible way to go.
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Re: Long list of why NOT to vote Liberal

Post by The Green Barbarian »

Partmanpartfish wrote:
Making electoral decisions based on the unhinged rants from an extreme-right-wing neo-nazi like Weinreb is probably not the most sensible way to go.

I would like to see you call him that to his face.
Justin Trudeau is an evil blight on this once great country. Shame on every single dumb-dumb that voted for this clown in 2021. LET'S GO BRANDON!!
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Re: Long list of why NOT to vote Liberal

Post by Ub2 »

Justin Trudeau is Canada's Barack Obama
Theo CaldwellRebel Commentator

If polls are accurate, an irredeemable nincompoop is about to be become leader of this nation.

The above sentence might have appeared in any number of newspapers in the United States during the unfortunate autumn of 2008.

Alas, it is written in and of my beloved Canada.

Having learned nothing from the past seven years of American decline under President Barack Obama, Canada is poised to elect its own media-approved, know-nothing dilettante in the person of Justin Trudeau.

Justin’s father, Pierre, was a Castro-snuggling socialist and among the most consequential prime ministers in Canadian history. Justin evinces the worst traits of his father, without any of the senior Trudeau’s qualities; to wit, he embodies an utterly unexamined, leftist worldview, while possessing none of the intellectual heft or professional accomplishment to back it up.

One upside is that with Justin, unlike Obama, you can point out the unmistakeable truth that he is a dimwit without being called, y’know, a racist.

Relatedly, we have been spared the enforced soft bigotry of having to pretend Justin is a genius or a brilliant speaker, as was the case with Obama. As to that last, many conservative commentators consented, Stockholm Syndrome-style, with even the great Jonah Goldberg claiming Obama “constructs cathedrals with his words.”

To anyone with ears to hear and courage to bear the scarlet R, Obama was never a good speaker. From the disingenuous address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention that launched his career, to the dithering um’s and ah’s and grammarless, soul-crushing lectures we have come to know, the man is a self-important bore. Obama’s oratory is like sitar music, in that a certain segment of society supposes it looks good on them to pretend they like it, but no one really does.

His plodding, pseudo-thoughtful cadence is that of the faculty lounge – which is also where his politics originate and end.

Justin, likewise, shows no evidence of understanding, or even having contemplated, any political theory beyond precisely what you would expect from a high school drama teacher.

Case in point, when asked the first thing he would do as prime minister, Justin replied, “Call the premiers together, talk about climate change.”

Children speak this way – perhaps your children, because they hear this kind of nonsense all day long from their teachers. But in the real world, actual adults know this is nonsense.

Even if one believes the direst predictions of Al Gore, David Suzuki and noted thinker Leonardo DiCaprio, the notion that having yet another conversation about “climate change” is the first thing a newly elected head of government should do is mind-bendingly stupid.

Further to stupid, Obama is and always was a dumb guy. To cite a few examples at random: When Charlie Gibson challenged him on capital gains taxes in 2008, correctly noting that lower rates lead to higher revenues and that 100 million Americans paid that tax, Obama responded that he would raise the rate anyway, in the name of “fairness."

Setting aside your views on tax policy, or even basic arithmetic, it seemed clear from Obama’s tone that on the eve of being elected president of the United States, the concept of lower tax rates leading to higher revenue had never even occurred to him before.

In trying to sell Obamacare (and I could shorten this example to just “Obamacare”), he advanced the scenario that pediatricians, doubling as specialists, were spurred by profit-motive to misdiagnose America’s moppets into millions of unnecessary tonsillectomies.

Finally, as Commander-in-Chief of the US military, no matter how tired you might be or whether it’s written phonetically in your teleprompter, you do not repeatedly refer to a “Navy Corpse-man” if you have any brains at all.

And yet, his capacity for self-examination having been vandalized by guilt-ridden liberals telling him he’s brilliant his whole life, Obama really does think he’s smarter than you.

Justin has no such excuse (or impairment). Even so, as a man of the left, his mouth-breathing imbecility is smoothed over by compliant journalists. So when he expresses admiration for communist China, or claims that deficits are a measure of a country’s success (will this be Greece’s century, then?), or says we must reconsider such concepts as space and time, your betters in the news media give it maybe a day, if they must, before the tongue-bathing recommences.

This is how Obama got elected, and it may well work for Justin. In Obama’s case, cringe-inducing ignorance and unscrutinized socialism (not to mention, decades spent listening to a vicious, race-baiting pastor) were crowded out by silly-bears about “Hope” and “Change.”

For Justin, the subterfuges are his “energy” and “youth.”

Canada’s Conservative Party has unwittingly aided this characterization with their slogan that Justin is “Just not ready.” The misbegotten implication is that Justin will eventually become ready.

Experience is irrelevant if your foundation is faulty. If you’re wrong, being wrong for a long time is no help (Joe Biden, please call your office).

A recent caller to my radio program proclaimed that he would vote for Justin solely because he is “young.” By that logic, wouldn’t Canada be better off choosing a prime minister somewhere in that sweet spot between when Justin believes a baby is too developed to abort (when is that, anyway?) and when he goes to his first hockey practice?

Besides which, as with Obama, there was never anything new about Justin’s ideas.

Command economies, central control, and punitive tax rates have been tried in countries large and small, all over the world, and they have never worked – never mind that the totalitarian impulse and religious political fervour that animate the left have killed 100 million people in the last century.

But explaining this to leftists is like playing a game with a child (or playing golf with Bill Clinton). They always want a do-over.

Even so, one suspects that Justin, like Obama, doesn’t even know this much. He really thinks he is something new, and that there is only one acceptable ideology, having given no more thought to limited government than to chuckle at Republican caricatures on The West Wing.

But even here, assuming Justin knows nothing of the outside world, existing as an intellectual bubble boy sealed off from infectious ideas, his own policies are incoherent.

Consider his plan to increase mandatory pension payments from workers and employers. It should be immediately apparent to even the most average mind that this will reduce the take-home pay of working Canadians, while placing costs on employers and thereby hurting the job market.

It is reminiscent of do-gooder leftists who demand increases to the minimum wage, no matter how clearly you demonstrate that this reduces the number of available jobs, hurting the very people they purport to help. There is no teaching these types. Like Obama being asked about capital gains, they want “fairness” and the facts be damned.
In examining Justin’s tax policies, including his sinister, government-speak euphemism that he will “ask” high earners to pay more (try saying “no” – watch what happens), many suggest that Justin is working against his own self-interest, since he himself is rich. Here, they commit the common mistake of conflating net worth and income.

Justin is indeed rich, having inherited millions of dollars. This has insulated him from a number of things (besides heterodox ideas), including concerns over payroll taxes. At no point in his life would the mandatory increase in pension payments he proposes have affected him at all.

This is why some of the most strident leftists in public life are wealthy – from the House of Commons to the US Congress, from the Trudeaus to the Kennedys. They do not work for a living, and any income they earn is irrelevant to their returns on capital. Even if they were to reduce their own investment income through taxation, the orders of magnitude are such that they would never notice. They don’t know what it’s like to have to reduce the family budget to accommodate a tax hike, but they do know what’s best for everyone else.

Always, I prefer to light a candle than curse the darkness. As of this writing, there remains hope that Canada will come to its senses and return an imperfect, but best-available person to power in Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

But, if current trends continue and Canadians elect an obvious mooncalf to lead the country, no one can say they weren’t warned.
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Re: Long list of why NOT to vote Liberal

Post by George+ »

Nice leaning job, Glacier.

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