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Re: Too far right?

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I'm slightly left wing, and I am Atheist. I did not care for the previous Pope who was a former Hitler Youth member, and basically told an entire continent that they were sinners and had to live with AIDS rather than so much as go near a condom. A man who promoted hatred across the world, and stood idly by while his own church committed atrocities that elsewhere could be met with the death penalty by their own doctrine.

I don't care for religion at all, but it does have a place. It unites a group of people of like minded beliefs together. People are stronger together than they are alone, and if someone can use that organization for good, then I'm ok with it. Pope Francis has lead Catholics in a new direction. He has stood up to discrimination, and even told his followers not to treat me (or other atheists, or followers of alternative religions) any differently than they would treat eachother. He believes that we are stewards of this great planet and should respect it as such. He believes that too much focus and emphasis has been put on issues like homosexuality that detract from real tangible problems that we face in today's society.

For this I respect this Pope. I'm not being hypocritical, I simply respect a man who uses his position of authority to try and do some good in the world.
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