Is he ready?

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Is he ready?

Post by oneh2obabe »

Was one of Harper's taglines during the election. I think he got the message loud and clear last night.

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Re: Is he ready?

Post by The Green Barbarian »

I don't think he's ready, but who ever really is for this job. It's not like we can go out and hire the former president of Argentina, because he has job experience. LOL. I do think it was time for a change, and we got it. It will be interesting to see how Justin ages as he governs, just as Harper really aged over the last nine years. Obama is barely recognizable now compared to what he looked like in 2008. The pressures and stress of running a country, are not for those who want to do it for their looks.
Justin Trudeau is an evil blight on this once great country. Shame on every single dumb-dumb that voted for this clown in 2021. LET'S GO BRANDON!!
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Re: Is he ready?

Post by rookie314 »

I am waiting to see him go tell Putin off "to his face". After he laughs his *bleep* off and tells Justin to go to H. Welcome to reality Justin. I'd pay money to see that.
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Re: Is he ready?

Post by mr.bandaid »

I didn't believe it when they said Canadians were sick to Harper, it's Trudeau. ;)
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