Election fraud in Central Okanagan-Similkameen?

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Election fraud in Central Okanagan-Similkameen?

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I seen elections canada officers marking booklets of ballots and checking peoples marked ballots... I would like to hear if any one seen or heard anything eles around the area

reports of people getting pre-marked ballots here in kelowna, when they go to vote
Election 2015: Dirty ballots in advance polls have Kelowna resident concerned
by Kathy Michaels - Kelowna Capital News
Long line-ups to cast ballots isn't the only complaint Kelowna residents had about Election Canada's advance polling stations.

David Janko said a family friend and his daughter had to contend with dirty ballots and surly polling station volunteers.

"(The family friend) went in to the advance polling station and there was one ballot handed to him, and it had a mark on Conservative candidate, so he took it out (of the booth) and said 'this ballot isn't good,'" said Janko.

"The person handling the thing, seemed frustrated with him, but he got a second ballot and it had a mark, too, also next to the Conservative candidate."

The young man returned that ballot as well. When he was given a third, it came out OK, but Janko said it's raised some concerns about what's happening with the process.

"I don't know who is in charge of Elections Canada's printing, but with two ballots tainted with the same candidate, that brings up questions," Janko said.

He's also bothered that the manner of volunteers dealing with new voters was so poor.

"It's annoying to hear they were treated that way … and doesn't encourage youth to vote in the future."

Complaints of spoiled or "dirty" ballots have been a made across the country this election.

Chris Quarrie, a teacher in Vancouver, said that when he went to vote at a Point Grey polling station he was given a ballot that "had been pre-marked, with what looked like black streaks, in the 'circle' where you mark your X," in a Facebook post that had been shared nearly 20,000 times.

He, like Janko's friend, also returned the ballot, and found his second choice spoiled. First was marked Conservative, but it was Green Party the second time.

Third time was the charm, and he got to make his own choice.

BC Civil Liberties Association lawyer Laura Track said ballots that already had marks on them when they were given to the voter were observed in a number of ridings over the weekend, including one she was at.

"I saw one voter return his ballot because it had a faint line through one of the circles where the voter is supposed to make their mark," she wrote in a blog post.

"I don’t know if this would have been enough to spoil the ballot, but it might have. Check your ballot, and if there’s any kind of weirdness to it, return it and ask for a new one."

Dorothy Sitek, the B.C. media contact with Elections Canada, said she can't speak to any specific issues, given she wasn't there and didn't see the ballot. But she pointed out there are checks and balances in place to ensure voters use their democratic right effectively.

"Voters who have any questions or concerns about a ballot should ask to speak to the person in charge – that’s the Central Poll Supervisor and they are in charge at every polling location," Sitek said in an email.

"It’s also important to know that every ballot handed to a voter must be initialed by the Deputy Returning Officer on the back of the ballot. If for some reason the ink bleeds through to the front of the ballot, for instance, it would be easily and immediately recognized as the DRO’s initials because it is the DRO who is the also the same person who examines every ballot cast at the end of each voting day and determines if it’s valid or not. In such a case it would be considered valid."

Election Day is Monday.

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Re: Election fraud in Central Okanagan-Similkameen?

Post by Veovis »

Or it could just be random audits of the processes and results to make sure.

Just like CRA pulls names and corporations out of a hat for random audits it would make sure for Elections Canada to do similar practices for analysis for areas of improvement.
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Re: Election fraud in Central Okanagan-Similkameen?

Post by Rwede »

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Re: Election fraud in Central Okanagan-Similkameen?

Post by somerandomeguy »

obvious voter suppression in merrit

Confusion at Merritt polling station

Elections Canada is sending some Merritt voters to Lower Nicola to shore up the numbers between local polling stations.

The move has frustrated some voters.

“It’s just a little confusing,” said Merritt resident Ed Ware, who was on his way out of the Lower Nicola polling station. He said he had already been to the Merritt Civic Centre, where he was told by someone at the door he had to vote in Lower Nicola. He added that he lives on Priest Avenue in town and voted at the Merritt Civic Centre in past federal elections.

Elizabeth Salomon-de-Friedberg, local organizer with Elections Canada, said the federal body split the electoral district into multiple polling divisions, with each receiving 400 electors per poll.

In the Nicola Valley there are polling stations in Logan Lake, in Merritt at the civic centre and in Lower Nicola at the community hall.

There are 14 ballot boxes at the Merritt civic centre and four at the Lower Nicola community hall.

She said the number of electors located in the Lower Nicola area came up short, so Elections Canada redistributed some voters from the southern part of Merritt to Lower Nicola.

Merritt residents who are supposed to vote in Lower Nicola can still vote at the civic centre by asking to be issued a transfer certificate, Salomon-de-Friedberg said.

She said she’s photocopying the certificates to ensure there are enough to go around.

However, it’s important Merritt voters do vote in Lower Nicola if they are instructed to in order to avoid any potential ballot shortage, as experienced during the advanced polls, should the voting place at the civic center be overwhelmed, Salomon-de-Friedberg told the Herald.

“It will create a problem because we’re going to have to start borrowing from each other, and if it’s really busy, mistakes happen,” Salomon-de-Friedberg.

She said she’s encouraging people to vote where assigned so Elections Canada can account for how many people voted in each polling division.

Another Merritt resident, Cherylle Douglas, received a transfer form, but she said it was only after she refused to go to Lower Nicola, citing health problems.

“There were a lot of people being turned away [to go to Lower Nicola],” said Douglas. “I was number 12 on the list that got a transfer and the gentleman that did my transfer said they had turned away at least 100 people.”

Douglas said she was skeptical that the selection was random. She lives with her daughter and her father at the same address on the south side of town. Both herself and her daughter are on employment insurance due to disability, while her father receives a Canada Pension. His voter card said to vote at the Merritt Civic Centre, while Douglas and her daughter were directed to Lower Nicola.

“I don’t know if that’s relevant, but from what I’m hearing, people that are on disability or on welfare are being told to go to Lower Nicola.”

Elections Canada Spokesperson, Dorothy Sitek said that unlike in the B.C. provincial election where electors can go to any polling location to vote, in the Federal election one must report to the poll associated with one’s address.

http://www.merrittherald.com/confusion- ... -stations/
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Re: Election fraud in Central Okanagan-Similkameen?

Post by I Think »

When I entered the polling place in my little town, I was asked for two pieces of picture ID by the nice young lady greeter, told her this was not required, but she insisted. Did not make a fuss, because;
a) there was a long line of would be voters, and I did not want to discourage them and give them cause to leave the place.
B) wanted my ballot to wind up in the right box.

It seems that all across the country anyplace where Harper the Horrible felt the election was too close to call, you could find hanky panky with the process of voting.
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Re: Election fraud in Central Okanagan-Similkameen?

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I Think wrote:
It seems that all across the country anyplace where Harper the Horrible felt the election was too close to call, you could find hanky panky with the process of voting.

It seems like across the country anyplace where the loser leftists felt that there was an excuse to try to accuse the Conservatives of "hanky panky" they were inventing nonsense and making themselves look like complete idiots.
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