Dix backer investigated by B.C. Securities Commission

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Dix backer investigated by B.C. Securities Commission

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Dix backer investigated by B.C. Securities Commission

Financier David Levi, a major Adrian Dix financial backer, is denying that any wrongdoing led to an investigation of his GrowthWorks company by the British Columbia Securities Commission.

The denial appears in a David Baines column in today’s Vancouver Sun.
http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Gr ... story.html

The BCSC opened a probe into GrowthWorks last month, according to The Vancouver Sun. An earlier B.C. Political Reports post foreshadowed that Levi’s problems seemed likely to come to a head during the British Columbia election period.

Levi was recently inducted into the Dixmen, a team of Adrian Dix loyalists who fostered his career in the 1990s and are still on the scene as his backers today.


Levi is the son of a 1970s B.C. NDP cabinet minister. He gained notoriety in the 1990s for promising business people that an NDP government would not be harmful to business – a statement that was quickly disproven after the 1991 election, with disastrous and lasting consequences for the B.C. economy.

Levi continues to be active in NDP politics, recently as a donor to Dix’s leadership campaign. He was once touted as possible leader of the NDP.

In 2009 he contributed a “green bond” concept to the failed platform of Carole James but his fingerprints don’t seem to be in evidence on the NDP’s 2013 platform, which was still being written the morning it was released according to NDP president Moe Sihota on CBC Radio.

Levi and Dix will no doubt be watching for Baines’ next column with bated breath since according to today’s article it will “review the Working Opportunity Funds and their liquidity struggles” – a reference to another Levi business that Baines has harshly criticized in the past.

Something like 20,000 small investors cannot get at their money due to how it has been managed under Levi, according to Baines.
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Re: Dix backer investigated by B.C. Securities Commission

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What's the connection here to Dix and Levi and the financial struggles at GrowthWorks? How does this NDP/union connection fit with a fund that is in liquidity difficulty? Something stinks.


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