Province: Clark is the better Premier

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Province: Clark is the better Premier

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Editorial: Dix has the more popular party, but Clark is best for the job

May 13, 2013. 6:20 pm • Section: Opinion

Many readers will know that the leaders of the four main parties seeking office in today’s B.C. election met with our editorial board during the campaign to discuss their views with senior editors. We thank Jane Sterk, John Cummins, Christy Clark and Adrian Dix for taking the time.

Our reporters wrote articles on what each leader said. But what doesn’t come out in those stories is what they are like as people — at least as much as one can glean from spending an hour in their company.

Personal impressions of politicians are seldom reported; their policies and ideas are paramount. But in this election, the differences in the personalities of the two main leaders — Clark of the Liberals and Dix of the NDP — and the way they carry themselves and interact with others, are so striking that they are worth noting.

Dix will likely win Tuesday night; after 12 years of Liberal rule and too many mistakes, many voters want change. But after meeting with him and Clark, the overwhelming view of the editorial board is that Clark, at least in how she conducts herself, is better suited to the job.

Where Dix repeatedly refused to give clear answers to basic questions, Clark was direct. Where she acknowledged past mistakes of her party, in Dix’s world, the NDP is without flaws. Where Clark was warm and engaging, Dix was jumpy, combative and condescending. Clark carried herself like a premier; Dix behaved like the hyper-partisan policy wonk he’s been for most of his life.

Premiers must represent us all, often on the world stage. Dix’s NDP policies may be more popular now, but based on how she interacts with others, Clark is the stronger leader. ... r-the-job/


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Re: Province: Clark is the better Premier

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since clark took over

she has lied, told more lies and spends more time hiding and avoiding governing

what else has she done

--hiding and refusing to provide FOI requests
--port manngate
--therapeutic Initiative defunding benefiting big pharama
--partisan ads to the tune of 16 million +
--ethnic pandering sponsoring the bollywood awards to the tune of 11 million
--continuous betrayal of trust
--hiding government documents
--using government personnel for partisan work
--spoiled her ballot in voting

the list is endless. and you think clark is a better premier? get real, she is a total and utter failure and proves it almost daily just how incompetent and untrustworthy she really is! the liberals clearly are fooled by their party's rhetoric and spin.

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