Will the NDP add salt to our current housing woes?

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Will the NDP add salt to our current housing woes?

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I just left the all candidates discussion which the Lake Country Chamber put on, and I wanted to ask what everyone thinks on this topic. As it stands based on what was noted in tonight's discussion, that the NDP is looking to hike taxes so that they can then spend this new found money on items outlined in their platform. I would like to ask if you feel that given our current housing issues (foreclosures happening at record numbers, soaring number of homes being added to the market for sale daily in the Kelowna/Okanagan area), can we withstand a government implementing more costs/taxes, which come directly from our pockets when we are in a time when we need them most? Furthermore, would it not make more sense to keep taxes in check (or even lower them) to help stimulate local economic growth?
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Re: Will the NDP add salt to our current housing woes?

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Yes they will add salt to our woes/wounds, you can count on that.

Bigger government is already part of the plan and that costs money.
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Re: Will the NDP add salt to our current housing woes?

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From what I can see, the impact of the NDP tax plans will be at the high end. The average taxpayer would appear to have little to fear despite the rhetoric from the Liberals.

The planned tax increases are (as far I know):

1. An income tax hike IF you make over $150,000. That leaves most of us alone.
2. A modest corporate tax increase. That should have little impact on most of us as corporations are generally doing quite well in BC.
3. An expansion of the carbon tax to cover venting emissions from oil/gas production. That also should have little or no impact on the average citizen.

It should be noted that the Liberals also planned tohike personal income taxes on income over $150,000, but not by quite as much. Of course the Liberal increase is "temporary" - and I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.


From what I can see, there is nothing in NDP tax plans that will impact the real estate market, except that it may just possibly discourage red-neck flatlanders from moving here - but that effect would limited as it would only be a small percentage of the potential buyers from those provinces.
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Re: Will the NDP add salt to our current housing woes?

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