Less than great voter turnout.

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Less than great voter turnout.

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As I registered and then voted tonight (at 7:00 PM) I could not help but notice the amount of empty slots of voters on the registration papers. Way to not vote West Kelowna! You will get the goverment you deserve.
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Re: Less than great voter turnout.

Post by Winston_Smith »

West Kelowna wasn't alone.
Dix congratulated his fellow NDP candidates, and promised supporters to continue fighting for his party’s values of financial equality and environmental sustainability.

"If there's one disappointment I have in this election – other than the obvious – it's that we haven't managed to address issues of participation in our democracy yet," he added, alluding to yet-another low voter turnout.

Just over half of eligible voters casting their ballots Tuesday, continuing a trend that has plagued British Columbia for every election in recent memory.

That number was slightly higher on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast with approximately 56 per cent turning out to vote.

Read more: http://bc.ctvnews.ca/ctv-projection-bc- ... z2TLFlM1S4
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Re: Less than great voter turnout.

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More people might get out and vote if there were some decent candidates running.

Yes I did vote but only because there was one I definitely didn't want to get in.
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Re: Less than great voter turnout.

Post by grammafreddy »

I have never understood this "not voting" thing. I have voted in every election for nearly half a century and the concept of not voting never crosses my mind. Having our say in who will be responsible for our money and finances, make our laws and steer our future is, to me, our greatest civil obligation.

I think people are just too bleedin' lazy to bother educating themselves and any excuse is a cop-out.
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