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Re: Losing weight

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Running will knock off the pounds pretty quick. Start slow and make sure you invest in the proper footwear. All you need is a good pair of runners that are right for you. The Running Room or FreshAir Experience can help you with that. You can even pick up there free magazine on running at the Running Room. And you're going to want to eat healthy, which is so easy to do.
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Re: Losing weight

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I'm starting on my 3rd week of "healthy living". I go to the gym 3 days a week and do a combo of interval training and weights. On alternating days I walk the steep hill to the first lookout of knox. I also have been drinking more water and eating healthy meals with loads of veggies.

I don't think there is any quick fix, just some dedication, hardwork and perserverance. All of which I find really difficult. I'm trying to learn self control or I will never loose that 20lbs.

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