Peanut Allergies

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Re: Peanut Allergies

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ferri wrote:i got this link from a friend today and thought i would share (i can be nice!) cool site! :)

Great Article Princes er I mean Ferri!
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Re: Peanut Allergies

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Well Trained Mind wrote:Personally, I think our bodies are exposed to so many toxins in our environment that our population is more predisposed to allergies of any kind. When I was in school (30 years ago) a food allegy was unheard of. I also never knew a child who suffered from severe seasonal allergies. Now, it seems much more common place.

Some would argue that in our "ultra clean" society (antibacterial soap, not a speck of dirt on the floor, etc) our bodies are not exposed to enough toxins to properly build up our immune systems resulting in allergic responses to the simpilist of irritants. ... ttack.aspx
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Re: Peanut Allergies

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Has anyone checked out the correlation between the decline in breastfeeding and the exponential explosion of allergies?
Chemical biologists long ago made the link between some preservatives and colouring and allergies, and it's a well known fact that we over-sterilise everything to death(but still do it!). There is just such a large myriad of induced chemical cocktails factored into modern day living I'm sure the scientists are extremely perplexed trying to suss it all out.
On a more scary note, do you realise that many of the products that you buy in the supermarkets in Canada, would simply not get through the European food administration standards, as is. The North American processed foods available in Europe have a much reduced additives list.
You have the FDA to thank for that.

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