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Re: Underweight

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Gavitron wrote:I don't eat a lot normally...something small for breakfast and I guess what would be considered a small meal for dinner. Couple snacks here and there. I understand I need to eat more, the problem is I don't get hungry a whole lot,

I'm like that too. Don't have much appetite, and am often 'too busy' to bother eating. Best solution I've found is protein/nutrition shakes. Quickest, cheapest, easiest solution I've found. 'Boost' is in most grocery stores, has protein and a huge list of other things that sound healthy. They can hit kinda hard, so first try don't slam it, drink 1/3 of it first, the wait 10min before having more.

A nutritionalist's advice to me to get the most out of my food:
-Don't move around after eating. When you start moving, your digestions slows down and food turns to waste before you get the good stuff out of it.
-Eat more than 1 thing at a time. Stuff in 'this' kind of food helps you break down and get use out of stuff in 'that' kind of food. Example, eatting vegies with meat, is better than meat first and snack on vegies later.

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