a denturist

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a denturist

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lots of suggestions for dentists..

however i really really need help with a denturist......i know partial and dentures are sooooooo expensive, but i need help asap!

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Re: a denturist

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Don't know one either personally or professionaly, but there is a little guy on St. Paul Street. Eugene Boiselle, I think. *quick google* Yup, that's him.
Boisselle Eugene R - Denturist
1464 St Paul Kelowna V1Y 2E6
(250) 762-3125


Boisselle Patrick Eugene - Denturist
205 125 E Hwy 33 Kelowna V1X 2A1
(250) 765-2112

Oh, looks like he practices in Rutland too? Anyway, he's always smiling and wears a bow tie. I've said hello on the street, seemed like a nice guy. That is the extent of my knowledge.
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